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Author Topic: TheAmazingEbony - Farringdon  (Read 2468 times)

2 review(s) for TheAmazingEbony (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Managed to book her last week for 30 mins by using the AW system.

I had been having problems getting hold of her via txt and phone but once the booking on AW was made, comms were good. Before I got there, I suddenly thought what if this was B&S? What if her profile had been taken over? What if she wasn't the same as the previous times I had seen her?

Well, luckily it was the same girl. Size 10. Tattoos on midriff. Quite slim. Nice smile. Drawn on eyebrows. Straight hair. Age is as on her profile (early 20s). Facially quite attractive.

Anyway, I had literally just showered so didn't need to freshen up. Paid £70 for the 30 mins. We started to kiss. Mostly closed lips so no DFK. She fondled my cock. Before long, we went on to the bed. I kissed her neck and shoulders and her (natural) titties. Then I asked her to go down. Her technique was OK. Nothing special. She concentrated on the head making slurping noises. I had to ask her to take more of me in, and she did go a little further, but this was by no means approaching DT.

After a few minutes, she asked if I wanted to fuck her. If I had said yes, the punt would have been over in 5 mins! I declined, and then I did RO. I wouldn't say impeccable hygiene. There was a slight musky smell down there, but not the worst I have smelt (even Hot Ameera had it when we did 69).

I asked her to go down on me again, which she did. But again, she asked if I wanted to fuck her. No! I wanted this to last!

I asked her to suck my balls, but she said that she didn't do that. Fair enough. Although Maggie21 last week did an amazing job on that front!

Anyway, after about 15 mins, I popped. CIM. In common with some others, the head was kept in the mouth during the magic moment. I do prefer it if I am getting DT when I cum, although the one prossie I did that to looked as though she was going to throw up! This one, though, immediately ran off presumably to spit.

Anyway, she offered me a shower, but I declined.

So here are the pros:

Nice body
English ebony

And the cons:

Average OWO
Not the freshest cunt
Felt rushed - so rushed I didn't want to stick around for pro$$ie talk
Indifferent service - didn't seem pleased that I was there - she was slightly aloof.
Seemingly have to book through AW - why put your mobile on your profile in that case?

The long list of cons make this a negative, which is a pity as there are not many ebony service providers around.

2 review(s) found for TheAmazingEbony linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

This kind of experience strengthens my view as to why pro$$ies who are inclined to give poor service choose not to see black men. I guess a black man would not remain too polite when this kind of crap was served up to him in exchange for cash. Some people have different temperaments closer to the service than others and black men, latinos etc. are known for not letting crap wash over them and just keeping calm and carry on. Pro$$ies come to pick this up and knowing what they know about how they operate,as they are crap providers they decide not to see black men. Anyway that is why I use this blanket refusal in a profile to choose not to see such a pro$$ie. It worked for me when I was a more prolific punter and I think would do so still (do the no kissing, scam inclined Romanians see black men as a rule... I wonder?), were I as active.  :hi:

Online Jimmyredcab

Yet another girl who thinks photos are not important --------- I don't see black girls anyway.    :thumbsdown:

Yet another girl who thinks photos are not important --------- I don't see black girls anyway.    :thumbsdown:

To be fair to her though, those photos are representative of her, down to the stockings (obviously I cannot definitively verify they are of her but of my 2 punts with her, I have no reason to doubt that they are fake). Although I take your point - I always think of photos like these as a way to generate private gallery income. Do you guys buy into the private gallery before a punt? From some reviews, it seems that at least some do.

Offline fredpunter

Just out of interest, this was your second visit to this girl, so presumably the first visit was ok? What was different this time? Thanks

Last time I booked only 15 mins. I just needed to blow my load and go. It was my 2nd ever punt and I had not experienced great service yet. She was kind of indifferent then too but this time it seemed worse when I was fingering her and during RO. Should have saved my money and jacked off to some porn instead.

Doesn't see black guys! ... racist bitch  :D

Is it the angle of the camera or do her tits really look like spaniels ears?  :vomit:

thanks for the review. Now off my HL.

Offline fingal91

Just want to say my experience was near identical (aloof), but want to add that booking her and actually seeing her at the agreed time is a nightmare.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (fingal91, APC, love1)

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