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Author Topic: Ugly sticks with $$$ bills  (Read 1607 times)

Offline Marmalade

In my younger days i wasnt fussy and would shag virtually anyone that was clean, i wouldnt and wont go near smelly women.

Over the years i have evolved and become more fussy and i can now only shag women i fancy, my cock wont work with those i dont fancy as  i know from seeing a number of uglies to me at parties. ;)

What? even if she has a Nice Personality and her Dad Owneth yon Brewery?

Offline roba

"Would you shag that?"

Most prossies will say all sorts of nice things about they're customers (as long as they're 'clean, polite . . . blah blah blah blah). But would they shag them if they weren't getting paid? Of course not - at least in most cases. Money can make anything look better. ;-)

So guys, if the situation was reversed, how prepared would you be to shag-an-ugly?

I've tried this challenge (without any takers yet) in South America, where the cost of a shag - and even viagra if you need it - is negligible. The challenge is to say to your buddy, we'll find each other an ugly and challenge each other to shag her, both paying the fees involved and either a wager incentive or beer and food in kind.

How low would you slup your sloozer if it is both free and you get 'bonuses'? What do you draw the line at? Old? Fat? Smelly? Crinkly? Bad breath? Everyone's man enough to shag a drop dead gorgeous bird, but what could you make yourself do to take one for the lads?

Same question to the ladies if they dare!

Used to do that without payment too,  when I was in the navy. Its called ten pints essence (pretty) or the more I drink the prettier you get love, alcohol is the answer :)

Offline Jerboa

Once in Spain acting as an excellent wing man I took one for the team so my mate could get with her mate. I ended up shagging a big fat ginger avoided girl I guess she was about 24 stone. When I tried doggy style I pulled her many ass cheeks apart to reveal stinking dried crusty shit inbetween her folds of ass fat. Now that is a wing man !

You are a saint among men sir! I wouldn't of done her, 'get away from me you fat crusty arsed minger!'  :D

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