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Author Topic: Sexy Slut Sam Warning  (Read 10388 times)

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Offline StPunt

i noticed that particular feedback and i'd like to personally thank who ever went through the trouble to do it. her profile has been taken down by adultwork.

this woman is not only a thief but a bare faced liar and has probably already lost trebble what she stole from me with people avoiding her because of this warning.

Result  :thumbsup:

Offline Boro_Beef1975

The same woman tried to pull a fast 1 on me back in January 2013, she came to my flat for a 2 hour outcall - gave her the £250 cash at the start & then a few days after the booking emailed me on AW saying I'd only gave her £200 & tried to extort another £50 out of me - she was bluntly told where to get off, put it this way mate you didn't miss out on a lot, she made more fake noises than you could throw a stick at, was loud with it, what was between her legs looked like it had been hit with a fireman's axe, she had a big fat arse like the back of a bus & yes her tits were not a very pretty sight to say the least!!!

Offline Roth

Prices gone up now to £180ph and seems to be giving up the game this month.  :scare: :dash:


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