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Author Topic: BGGirl of Hayes, Hillingdon  (Read 3199 times)

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Where to start? At the beginning. I emailed her cordially and she replied positively even from her holiday - which has produced a seamless tan. We planned a date and time and she gave me her full address and phone number early in the process. As it turned out on the day I asked if I may visit an hour earlier than planned and that was fine.

The surrounding clean green streets of post-war and modern semis and apartments are a maze so a good old fashioned street atlas was useful. For the last 200 yards she emerged from the apartment (in a short floppy flapping dress and little else but the street was deserted)  into the street so I could see where to go. Plenty of free parking close by.

I entered through the garden via an open French window and there in the room was a sofa and a double bed. Bathroom close by. All clean and well-appointed, apparently the space was loaned by a friend and is not her home. Raspberries very well received as of course was the £100 for one hour, well-spent, good value.

I stripped at record speed and so did she, we clinched and fondled face to face and snogged for England. I turned her round and flapped a very hard mister happy around her capacious folds of beautiful bum and openings. Turned around and realised on closer scrutiny that there was more of a belly than on the pics, the claimed to have put on a little recently. Boobs stupendous and sensitive to my strokes and licks. She turned me on. Nice voice, very friendly and mellifluous. She had great lower lips and mister happy happily nuzzled and flapped at them. Rarely did he get so hard so fast. She bent over doggy style and I bent over and surprised her by licking and sucking her h u g e lower lips from behind. She lay on the bed like a beached whale with her bum in the air and I licked and licked and sucked. Then I lay down and she sucked my like a lollipop. Deep into her mouth, slowly and wetly with great smiling eye contact.

Then she rose over my face, almost suffocating me with her belly creases and I sucked her some more. At some point I got some Luberation Yes, (look it up on Google) and stuck most of my small hand into her and out of her and turned it around like a hoky coky dance.

Finally we coupled mish style and after many in and out I stoked with relish it dawned on her that I was not using an umbrella. She protested. I ignored her for ages but restrained myself to slower strokes until she protested again. I withdrew and flapped mister happy on her external organs until she came, then she finished me with a very long lollipop session. As far as I could tell she was no vegetarian and swallowed the lot.

I am convinced that her stated age of 50 is real and she looked and acted much younger. Lovely face too.

We lay in post-coital bliss and chatted. I wiped and dressed and staggered out. Nice one.

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1 review(s) found for BGGirl linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks HP. An entertaining read, as always.  :thumbsup:

I've also learned a new word: mellifluous

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So, you basically barebacked her without asking her first...? Nice.

So, you basically barebacked her without asking her first...? Nice.

I could say she barebacked me without asking me if I wished to wear a condom and so it was. We had fun for a long time before it occurred to her. Her protests were good-natured and with a smile. I acquiesced gracefully and still gave her pleasure, and she me.

Offline vicflange

I'm sorry, HP, but when a woman protests about something you're doing sexually, you stop immediately. If you don't, it's at the very least bordering on rape.

Offline maxjabby

A very interesting read indeed  :scare:

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