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    Author Topic: Fake or not??  (Read 633 times)

    Offline blue80

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Been a member for almost 2 years but feedback is limited to 6

    States she is Brazilian but has Romanian as her nationality

    Offline saf1976

    i'd say real.

    most EE girls copy and paste profiles. some say 34dd despite having very tiny breasts on display.

    Offline vision2014

    MMMM iam 80% sure ive seen this girl in a parlour the gallery pic with her hair in tails  was the sort of looking which I picked up and for which I am sure Ive seen her
    Also id say she is not Romanian has the parlour I question had different nationals and not Romanian or polish ( this is what try to keep them apart from over parlours)

    Offline Pauluk1

    This profile has been passed around a few romanians.  If the girl in the pics actually answered the door, I wouldn't expect a good service.

    Offline blue80

    Seems quite typical then

    I've never punted with an EE girl and can't see that changing anytime soon

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