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Author Topic: Daniella-Fulham Broadway-Private Ad.Crap Council Estate  (Read 511 times)

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Had this on my PC for ages and in the light of not enough reviews here I go. Now this experience should really be a big negative but I have given it a neutral  for reasons that will come up later in the report. Firstly you will see that there’s no link to an AW profile. The reason for this is that there was no profile, it’s not AW or shall I say it was script only ad with no photo
I raised a topic some  months ago weather it is still possible to punt from small ads in shop windows or newsagents, as it used to be. This brought up a discussion but with no real conclusion. https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=32335.msg449952#msg449952    I left the topic that ‘Detective Kowalski’ will investigate more, I was convinced that it was still possible to punt outside AW and went back to my language roots, namely  searching electronic small ads in Polish e-pages. There I found for Daniella and Monika (07501047922) operating out of Fulham and others all over crappy areas that don’t all suit me. Now Fulham is an old stomping ground for me from the fifties/sixties from when we came to UK to live here. After a chat in the afternoon I got a price(£80 ph) and postcode, asked her to wear sussies and be shaven. Now checking the postcode it took me into an old Peabody type Council estate just near Fulham Broadway. In my youth we kept out of there as you risked getting duffed up by the local hardnuts. The estate has the long external balcony’s where everybody can track your movements from below and blocks facing opposite. My alarm bells were ringing but I was up to the challenge. I texted later that evening to confirm but got no reply, eventually I called and Daniella told me she had replied(crap sectetariel skills) but she was friendly enough and gave the the block number but not yet door number, she also told me that if I encountered her nutter alki neighbour to say I’m her cousin, Great!. I parked up no problems later that evening on The Fulham Road and did a quick reconnaissance, my sixth since told me Abort, guys hanging around, Vicky Pollards with buggies but I walked focused and clocked the block and left the estate. It was a warm evening in July. I called but she told me she isn’t ready and will text number in five, duly done. Bit more loitering around and then a focused walk to the block, pressed entry bell, up a crappy but clean stearcase,and yes flat is at end of balcony but fortunately no nutter neighbour even though there were chairs outside! Ring bell, door opens by hidden robot and I’m in. Now you’re all thinking what it like, so was I right from the start of this escapade. OK-short pretty  geek with dark hair in bun,slitty glasses with milk bottle lenses which she kept on throughout, massive tits, massive arse looks like school teacher. Now this was not really for me so I’m ready to walk, so I tell her I’m too nervous from the journey up, she says fair enough and looks at me like a sad puppy! Then I think what the the heck I’ve come so far so I do the deal. I’m into BBBJ and Polish are good at that, nice 69,she rode me cowgirl very vigoursly sweated like fuck although very clean ,indicated a coming which was pretty genuine after all that graft ,wanted another tener for CIM so I unloaded all other her giant DoubleE knockers .Basicly I had to do FA throughout, how I like it. At that point 50 minutes in I exit stage left very purposely and get the hell out of that estate. So would I go back there?, me no although she said she would do a non lesbo double bubble with her mate who was out that evening. Why was she doing this-lost her job and mum is ill so sends money back, pretty common story??. I will peruse this punting seam later as I believe there are gems to be found and AW is just too easy. Now that you’ve been given the SP it’s much easier for anyone else, better to visit after dark I would suggest. I’ve given it a neutral because of the value factor and alternative seam of punting. Hope you enjoyed the report. Kowalski.
Post note:-Not done a punt since. She was a nice person though.-Maybe resume Autumn.

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