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Offline Dante


This was the third time I've seen Hannah, so it probably shouldn't surprise anyone that this is another positive review. This was at her more usual location behind the NIA, easy to find, easy to park, usual sort of serviced apartment.

Prior to this meeting, I asked Hannah to surprise me. That she did, greeting me in a figure-hugging little black dress with stockings and heels, hinting at what might be beneath. Otherwise she was as I've come to expect: fabulous curves, long dark hair, mischievous green eyes and a welcoming smile. Hannah was warm, friendly and welcoming from the moment I stepped through the door, greeting me with a kiss.

I'd half-jokingly suggested I wanted to see how many times Hannah could orgasm. We got started on the first not long after I'd arrived, pinning her against the wall with kisses which trailed downwards and ended with me licking her to climax before she'd even gotten any clothes off.

Then I jumped in the shower and on my return we picked up where we'd left off, kissing turning into an amazing blowjob while I teased her with my fingers, then on went the condom for sex. We started in missionary with Hannah bucking her hips in rhythm with my thrusts and generally getting into the proceedings. I broke off to go down on her again, eliciting the second, then it was doggy until I was close, then Hannah finished me off with her mouth (I gave that fantastic arse a few experimental slaps while she did), swallowing the lot.

We had some time to recover and talked about a range of things probably too inane to go into here, but amusing stuff. She was relaxed and engaging in conversation, we set the world to rights and indulged in a little geekery too.

We resumed with some mutual masturbation, teasing Hannah to another orgasm then moved on to 69, with her fourth (I think, I started to lose track a little...) and an explosive finish of my own after a lengthy bit of teasing in revenge. We chatted for quite a while after that, then I made my exit after another shower, leaving with a big grin on my face. Final score was 5-2 I believe, not bad for an evening's work.


Easy to be around, friendly and relaxed.
Intelligent conversation about a wide range of topics.
Genuinely enjoys what she's doing.
Fantastic body, great arse.
She loves oral, both giving and receiving, and likes to swallow. Very receptive to RO and gave amazing OWO.
Very receptive in general, lots of orgasms without any fakery.
Great kisser.


If I lived in Brum, I'd probably be bankrupt.  :D

31 review(s) found for -xHannahx-  linked to in above post (31 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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