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Author Topic: Verification Photo Humour  (Read 1229 times)

Although probably wouldn't be that funny if you had booked her without checking the verification photo


I love how she (figuratively) covers her arse in her description:
"I do occasionally change my hair colour so pls guys don't get confused with my photos"

Offline vt

Not just her hair colour...she could give Michael Jackson a run for his money!!  :D

Offline Matium

Stupid pimp.

Verification photo - black girl

Pimped girl - white

Kevin obviously had too much drink when he put up the profile.

Offline jonalpha

Stupid AW website. I thought the point of the photos was that AW had verified them and the profile was legit. Obviously not and if that girls verification photo hadn't been left visible nobody would be any the wiser.

Offline Salt

Sergi must be lurking because link is now inactive....... :unknown:
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline The happy one

Sometimes I wonder if we shoot our selfs as Sergi and all the rest are now lurkers on the site

It is amazing how many profiles get changed after someone here posts a warning
Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

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