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Author Topic: Raysa hot  (Read 1069 times)

Offline Bengeo13


Looks fantastic but as you scroll down there's that Romanian word again. She reminds me a bit of Sonia (her with the wonderful baboushkas) and to be honest my experiences with girls from that neck of the woods have not been that bad as others have experienced..............................hold on........................rewind................ that's not right, I remember the time on Westgate Road, can't remember her name, should have walked.

Anyway is anyone going to try their luck with Raysa?

Offline johnny34

The profile is better than most of the romanians & does not have 'bareback' in the likes. She also has her verification pic to compare with profile pics.

However, she is Romanian!!! 

Its a gamble but if you TOFTT let us know how you get on.

I'm pretty sure I saw this girl a few months ago, she was touring with a group of girls in a hotel. I recognise her from the verification pic not the profile ones, fit body terrible skin on her face. Service was mechanical but OK, suck and fuck, review would have been a neutral.

Offline prebel

Always makes me laugh when they keep the verification picture accessible on AW, her real name and DOB for all to see!
(Is actually 26 not 20 years old)

Offline Barry Shipton

Ouch! Amazing what a bit of make up and good lighting can do!

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