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Not perfect but never-the-less, an enjoyable first-time visit to this 31 yr old Polish lady ...

Half an hour. £70. Modern studio flat in Bristol harbor area, soul-less place but fine for the occasion. Kiss radio channel was playing on TV.

Her profile is accurate. She looked fairly similar to her main profile photo but her body was more impressive than it would appear in the profile pics. She was wearing a very sexy figure-hugging sexy dress, that only just covered her beautiful perky arse... that look drives me wild.   :thumbsup:

Once money was out of the way, I was offered a shower, told her I'd had one today but she seemed to want me to have another one, which I understand to an extent, especially as OWO is on the cards. The only MAJOR downside to this is that it eats into the half hour, which it almost certainly did this time. I kinda think the half hour should start when you're out of the shower but there we go.

She was fairly warm and had a nice smile. I went to kiss her but it was clear she wasn't going for the dfk. However, later on in the session, she did a few times, almost as if she forgot that she didn't want to do that. Still, thanks to her general vibe the light kissing still felt good anyway.

I explored her delectable body whilst she was standing up... and really enjoyed it. I asked her to keep the dress on. She gave me OWO whilst I was still standing up in the middle of the room... which I loved. Felt fucking awesome.

It continued on the bed and she looked hot sucking me off and making occasional eye-contact... very pretty eyes. I went down on her after exploring her breasts which seem a lot bigger than the profile... I'm thinking she's had implants recently. I don't normally dig implants but these were good. Her best feature is her arse though... absolute perky beauty. I just wanted to eat it, and try I did. I devoured her pussy from behind... and couldn't wait to get my cock in so I did. It was some of the most enjoyable doggy I can remember. I kept going in that position for longer than I normally would. After some kissing (with a bit of French nicely occurring) we moved to missionary. I had her on the edge of the bed so I could pound in. She looked seriously hot in that position.

I could have come at any moment and she started encouraging me too, which I was surprised about as I thought things were going well and hadn't been going for that long. I asked her if the half hour was up and she implied that it's getting that way. So I asked to cim and she agreed, thankfully. It was sensational ending I must say.

So once that was done, she got up and put her dress back on. She said there was 5 mins left but obviously wasn't up for anything other than chatting which is ok but slightly annoying that she wanted it over with before I did. Still, I can not knock her, it was a quality service. I think I was in her flat for exactly 34 minutes. by the time I was dressed and out.

SO, overall pretty good just a couple of minuses on the timing and kissing front.

4 review(s) found for ASHLEY__ linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline slavealan75

From her photos she looks a lot like actress Hayden Pannetierre

Offline Hor1zon

Wow she looks really hot. Anal on offer as an extra too! Assume that's at discretion.

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