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Author Topic: Which day of the week  (Read 1934 times)

Offline kwahima

usually on which day of the week you guys go punting?  :D
i heard that usually weekends are surprisingly quieter than weekdays
for myself it's usually friday  ;)
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It has to be the day of the week that I am working away from home which is sometimes regular and sometimes exceptional. I am an opportunist. Opportunity Knocks? Opportunity to look for a knocking shop.

Same here, I am an opportunist too. I have to take my chances when I can.

Weekends, I usually prefer to go for Sunday, but a lot of WGs don't work then so if there's someone I'm aiming to see it often ends up having to be saturday.

Can't be bothered with going to a punt after work, so for me not during the week.  Maybe on a bank holiday or if I've got time off work.

Offline Ben4454

I usually prefer to punt on a Friday when I have a day off after I do the punt. Mostly weekends and when it gets dark. Just how I like it.
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Offline Daffodil

I believe less punters punt on a weekend, because they have commitments that are harder to shake (with the wife  :scare:), but also less prossies prossie, because it's trickier to lose the kids.

I punt when I have the opportunity. Tends to be weekday daytime. It is rare I have a problem booking a (genuine) prossie due to her being busy with other clients.

Offline LL

Friday is the day that I'm usually most up for a punt!  However, it must be the same for everybody else as it's usually the day that's most difficult to get a booking with just about anyone.  So I try to switch things up a bit - punt on a Monday - then you'll have a much better choice of girls.  Yes I know that many of them accept advance bookings but I'm a spare-of-the-moment type of punter.

For me, as and when opportunity presents itself. Sometimes I know well in advance, other times it can happen the day before.

As soon as the opportunity does arrive, operation 'fuck' swings into motion....


Offline Corus Boy

I am fortunate enough to be able to punt whenever I fancy.

A search of who is available or when one of the better Asian girls is in town, can lead to some expensive weeks :)

Offline monstar

Any day with a"Y" in it

 :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi:

 :D  :D

Advance bookings for Fridays or occasionally Saturdays for me. I prefer to plan ahead so rarely make spontaneous bookings or have the opportunity to do so.

Being a creature of the night it's got to be after dark.. after al the nite time is the rite time - innit;?..

Offline dilettante

Any time when I can have a couple of days to myself afterwards to enjoy the elation of it - the vultures in the office you sit arse-to-arse with day after day, week after week, soon pick up on the chance to siphon off any excess goodwill or joie-de-vivre that may undeservedly have come your way, and in any case what's good for you is often seen as bad for others in the grander scheme of things.  Though it always susprises me that MARRIED men who punt don't experience the same thing only ten times worse!

Offline Diehard

For me it weather dependant. In winter I punt more as nothing else to do at weekend but when weather nice as others have said, weekends much harder than in the week.

Online Jimmyredcab

I would like a punt TODAY but Adultwork has returned the same pile of shit including two Romanian profiles with identical pictures on both -------------------- maybe they are twins.      :dash: :dash: :dash:

Saturdays when QPR are away when punting near home tends to be Fridays evenings or Mondays as i work nights its kinda my spare day

Offline Toshiba

When opportunity knocks

Mainly through the day and through the week

Tuesday/weds tend to be best for moi

Offline KayHerts

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Friday is the most popular day, but Tues-Thurs also often busy. Monday tends to be more phone calls/enquiries than actual appointments. Weekends vary - some men like a Saturday afternoon visit, but Saturday nights are usually dead; similar pattern on Sundays.

Offline Happylad

Friday is my first choice - sets me up for the weekend.  Failing that I just take what I can get.

Offline nigel4498

I am a gentleman of leisure, in other words retired so I can punt any day any time.
I never punt weekends though or Wednesday, have found Monday is the best day for me as prossie's don't seem to be that busy and tend not to mess you around.
Normally punt as early as possible too.

Offline Anadin

I only do Outcalls on Sundays as hotel prices are massively cheaper than on other days but other than that I don't plan too much and do it when I have time and a bit of spare cash.

Offline punk

for what it is worth, its random for me near about week days, far away weekends.

i think it also depends how popular the woman is in question and how well the flat/house is known and how many escorts are there.

i've punted week days and its been busy, other times empty. Same goes for weekends.

Online webpunter

A hangover normally leads to me having the horn.  Thursdays seem the most popular day for a mid week drinking session.  So Friday is the most common day for me.  I've punted on all days of the week.  And better maybe start of the week like a Monday - as the sessions seem to run over time more often. With parlour girlies then its their rota which is important.  And i do like the London / MK set ups which show both the current week & the next

Offline G-Raw

Sundays or Thursdays, best cure for crappy weeks or a mid-week fix!

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