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Author Topic: SEXYVIVIAN  (Read 818 times)


Anyone had the pleasure of this lass??

Very very good service but Anal is quite strange, i might be wrong but when one inserts ones soldier into her posterior then her anus seems to pull to the left which means one is butt fucking at a strange angle.... I kid you not.

Anyone else care to confirm or deny?  :hi:

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Offline sjm79

I've always been dubious of profiles like these, photos are too professional, I'd expect a bait and switch. Is that actually her?

Offline virgil

The pics look much like other thai ones I see - and the thai TS ones look like these as well and people don't seem to find them scams. She doesn't actually look as pretty as some of the TS pcs actually!

(One odd thing is her 'most embarrassing event' in the interview: When people scares me top to bottom.)

Photos have defo been touched up she is very pretty & she is very friendly and definitely not a chick with a dick

She is part of a 'group' & sometimes prone to the old B&S

Seen her several times and found her to be a good fuck, particularly anally.

Having said that, with the group she works for, you don't always get the girl you book.

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