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Author Topic: Jessica Mazury (pornstar) ... Anyone seen?  (Read 3186 times)

Offline vt

So Kylie Flirt (or Sergei) has tempted over a pornstar from the old country to join the group...   :D

Here are some links to Jessica's porn career that appears to have started in 2009 when she was '18', now '23'...





Looks like she was a lighter shade of blonde back then, but certainly has a body made for sin.  ;)

Just need someone to confirm it's really her and whether she's as good at prossying as she is in front of the camera.  :unknown:


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Offline Peterbry

I'll give her this, from those pics and movies she does appear to have a gorgeous pussy.

doesnt seem to do owo though. Others from that group have done porn in the past. the Nina one mentions it, and the Monica one I saw had probably the best body I have ever seen and was silicone etc fee (she said she did some in the past I think)...thank fuck I filmed it. I am undecided on the one in this thread though..no owo rules me out if it is the case.

Offline Wowgeek

Seems to offer CIM but not OWO, that'll be tricky!

No penetrative sex either, very little bang for your buck  :(


The view at 14:20 and again at 17:30. I don't know how a woman's body can be improved. Perfect body in my standards.  :thumbsup:

Offline newcummer

The view at 14:20 and again at 17:30. I don't know how a woman's body can be improved. Perfect body in my standards.  :thumbsup:

Totally agreed...but no penetration would make it a pointless punt

Online Jay72

Surely a mistake that she omitted penetration?

Offline west8

Wow, she looks interesting :)

Anyone seen her since this thread was started please?

Offline Jerboa

She is hot, would like to punt with her, is this Pussy club group legit?

Jessica is also on http://www.uksugarbabes.com/jessicamazury_londonsloaneavenue_526.html
and other European escort sites.

Offline ivandobski

Those pics, those shoes. Unbelievably hot. I wanna see her

Offline jonny

did anyone manage to see her? her AW profile looks like inactive but is she still working?

Offline 1dt

she is part of group..so may seem to be inactive, she also refers to Sergi.....sorry Daniel as a 3-some...so maybe the pimp is running the group :lol: but looks well worth £120
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