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Author Topic: Too close to home ?  (Read 6538 times)

Offline softlad

I text a pro$$ie and she give me directions which sounded familiar, she was 2 floors below me.

Surely you could use this to an advantage ?
"I expect a (big) discount ho' or I'm grassing"... :D

Offline mattylondon

Anyway.......since I posted this thread almost a year ago,I haven`t seen her while out on my travels.....until today.Three times I`ve been out and on each occasion I`ve seen her walking hand in hand with a bloke from up the road,a bloke I hate with every fibre of my body.
You know it is SOOOOO tempting to let all his mates know what his girlfriend did,or maybe still does for a living,just to make his life as much a misery as he`s made mine..what do you reckon?Of course,then they`ll all know what I get up to in my spare time as well  :)
A bad move that could blow up in your face. Even if he is a right cunt, he'll get his just deserts when he eventually finds out what she does. Only if she'd done something to you, would I even consider that a wise move. If she hasn't harmed you in anyway, I don't think it's your business to intervene.

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