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Author Topic: Sscarlet from maxs angels  (Read 1386 times)

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Offline bigsammy

There is no doubt that maxs angels is one of the best agency around and offer a good service. I do not normal write reviews but in this instance i felt obliged.

I been wanting to Scarlet for a long time, but do no have the chance. So this was my lucky day, what a mistake that turned out to be. When I arrived at the flat in south kensington she greeted me with a kiss. Then sorted out the paperwork and had a shower. As soon as i finished the shower she completey changed and was very rude.  She made me bring my clothes from the1st floor of the flat to the 2nd floor room in a strange tone. Which I thought was weird. She then completey rush me a during the punt period. The sex was boring, while the owo was ok.She kept pushing to CUM and was constantly saying are you not going to CUM yet. The punt was basically over in half and an hour. She then told me, my time was up, even though I paid for an hour. I had enough and could not be bothered to argue and just left. This was my worst punt ever and it making me think twice about maxs in future. I think I am going to stick to HOD in future. Do let my nightmare become your nightmare

Online hendrix

I saw her around three years ago I think... She looked hot, one of the best arses I'd seen, and her deep throat bj was good... But the rest was mediocre at best.

There was no link attached with the review, presumably this is Scarlett the OP met???


Regarding Max's, and apologies if it comes across as a stupid question but what is the
major difference (apart from the price) between the respective galleries Max's Cherubs,
Angels in Waiting and Heavenly Angels?

If I were to take a guess, Heavenly Angels have WG's that are well established "Star Performers"
that offer a more extensive range of services compared to the other WGs in either Cherubs or Angels in Waiting?

Offline bigsammy

Apologies in advanced,  I forgot to add the link from the maxs angel website. Regarding your questions, I have seen a few angels in waiting like Megan, Kelly etc and had a far superior service and it lasted a 1 hour

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