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Author Topic: Blonde Ashlee - vivastreet  (Read 1325 times)

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Offline nico

Evening all  :hi:

I've just returned from a half hour sesh with Ashlee, I fancied a bit of hot, tight and blonde  :P


Called around 7 tonight, no answer so I continued to browse the various sites. I then received a text saying she was sorry she had missed the call. Gave the chat back saying what I was after and for how long. No probs she said.

20 mins later I get a call, confirming up all the details. I ask her for a face shot so I ain't wasting my time, she laughs off and says it is her in the pics and I can always leave if I ain't happy. Put me in my place but I liked that!

Headed to a main door flat on McDonald rd, ample parking but restricted during the day. Arrived at the door and was greeted by a petite blonde in susy's, thong, bra and heels as requested, tremendous! Was led through to a large room with a sofa and double bed. Exchanged pleasantries, £70/30 mins,  and she proceeded to give me a great blowjob, covered  :thumbsdown: but it was great, playing with her very pert natural b's at the same time.

She stood up, bent over the bed post while I licked her and then tackled her from behind for a considerable time. She is just the rite height for taking like that. Liked a grab and slap on her soft ass, don't think it isn't tight though!

Onto the bed where she squated me expertly, no problem with me sucking and playing with her responsive tits. Her nipples react great and have silky smooth washers, tidy. This made me explode, she knew I was and worked harder until I had completely emptied and had drained to that 75% way. She cleaned me up with the baby wipes and we had some more chat while I got dressed. Left happy.

Tidy as f@ck
Petite size 8
Hot pussy with not to much inner flap
Good eye contact

Said she was German  :unknown:

All in all I found her s decent punt, happy to take instruction and is s dream to screw hard. Honestly, she does take it very well.

That's the first review, hope it helps!

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Offline nico

I see, Can see now that these photo's are not acurate atall but the chick in question is superb

Offline JazzMan

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