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Author Topic: Maggie21 Croydon  (Read 1352 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1410053 or https://www.adultwork.com/maggie21

Big positive here. Great comms - texts answered quickly.

Location was very close to East Croydon station. I had a suit on so blended in quite well - this part of Croydon has two large insurance companies and Nestle so a business suit doesn't look out of place.

I had asked her to wear as much leather as possible. She replied by text that she had high boots, and that was fine.

She opened the door and I was presented with a tall dark haired girl wearing high boots, leather collar, and tight dress. She had long fake eyelashes and huge tits.

Got paperwork out of the way - I opted for 30 mins £80 service. I had a quick shower (towels are plentiful) and then hopped onto bed semi clothed. As one other reviewer said, she does a little bit of pseudo roleplay. She makes some pretty slutty noises, a bit like Emma Louise.

Anyway, DFK was good and deep. I asked her to suck my cock and she obliged. Lots of tongue action. She then sucked my balls and I am not sure if she went near the anus but if not, it was damn close. The feeling was so intense, I had to be peeled off the ceiling.

Her technique was good. Lots of spitting. Slightly PSE. I thought that I would be able to cum twice in the 30 mins (like with Hot ameera) so i asked her to ride me so i could pop early on. Mac on with her mouth and we were away, after she had lubed up. i popped in no time  probably about a minute.

We then had some chat and a few jokes. Then she says, without prompting, "have you anything left for me?". I start DFK again and then she goes down for more OWO. I ask her to lube up my cock and wank me. This was the only bit of her execution which was not that good. When Hot Ameera does it, she must hold back the foreskin and do it really fast, because even though it is second time round, it feels amazing and after some persuasion, I will cum. Maggie's was OK and once in a while I could feel that magic tingle in the cock, but nothing all consuming, and definitely no cum. She popped it back in her mouth and sucked my balls more. It wasn't happening so we stopped bang on 30 mins.

So, positives:

Dark hair
Studded tongue (better BJ's according to Pulp Fiction)
Dressed just as we discussed (GorgeousLily take note - she just ignored my request!)
Great attitude
Great OWO
Complete set of toys, lubes, outfits
Great hotel - nice big rooms, lots of towels, good shower
I didn't ask for a second round, she did

Not so great hand job at end

Anyway, go see her. Well worth the money.

45 review(s) found for maggie21 linked to in above post (44 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks admin for adding the link. It's late so I forgot.   :dash:

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