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Author Topic: GODDESS KAROLINA X  (Read 2188 times)

19 review(s) for GODDESS KAROLINA X (18 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline longballs

1hr outcall
Cardiff Bay (easy to find)
£150 (no extras)

OK comms via AW Email but only deals in texts rather than picking up the phone.  She has her number on her profile.

I saw Karolina based on the other review in here, I had been planning a reverse booking (put up £150 for 1hr to see what bit).  I had 18 bids but most were girls that didnt fit the criteria or bid over their normal rate.  Basically a waste of time so I went for Karolina with her 500+ feedback.  I called her, no answer but got a text saying "text me".  She was available there and then so I sent off...

The place was really easy to find, a nice apartment on the bay on a public street but there was no waiting around.  Karolina is the oldest WG I have seen (says 31 on the profile but I`d guess about 34/35).   I usually like the 20-25 range but was encouraged by previous reviews.  She is half Greek, half Polish and although her English is fine, I did find her quite hard to understand at times.

She opened up the door and I was greeted with some FK and a few gropes.  Face wise I would say she is certainly attractive but not to the level her field reports would have you believe.  Body wise, pretty damn good, a great pair of tits, really pert and suckable nips a great ass and tidy box. She seems genuinely horney and seems to very much enjoy her job (she's proud of her feedback and reads it all).  The money seemed to come secondary, she didnt ask for it and when I offered it she said "later".    A quick shower as i`d already had one and straight in to standing kissing/dfk whilst we both got to now each others bodies. 

She likes to take the lead, is quite authorative but I enjoyed that side.  Undressed she knelt down for some amazing OWO, some of the best I have ever had.  Lots of mutual oral mixed in with kissing and kisses all over my body.  It's very much a tease... she licked and sucked from my ass to tip.  This continued for 20mins or so and eventually I couldn't hold back any longer and produced a mammoth load that spilled out of her mouth, I think she was shocked at the volume ;)

There was no time to rest and cleaning up turned in to round number two.  Licking the cum off my cock and asking me to stand over her and hold her hair back whilst she sucked away.  On with the condom and in to reverse cowgirl before some 69 and then some ass play.  She worked her way between my balls and ass as she teased my cock before sticking a finger up there which was a new experience for me.  I didn't know if I was going to be able to produce a 2nd pop as I always struggle to climax again in an hour.   On with another condom and in to missionary for some gentle fucking that turned in to deeper and harder pounding and after a while I exploded again.  Se was disappointed that I hadn't pulled out and let her taste my cum so she took off the condom and cleaned me up with her mouth.   She asked if I could come again and started sucking away.   We were way over the hour by this point and I said that she had drained me, I was left tingling.  A bit of kissing and then a shower.  I left the envelope on the side for her and she still hadn't asked for it at this point, I don't think she even checked it before I left.

fantastic owo
genuinely horney
no rush service

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19 review(s) found for GODDESS KAROLINA X linked to in above post (18 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Your literary skills are far better than mine ever will be :(
You mentioned all the bits which once I'd posted my review, I realised I'd forgot to mention :hi:
Yes the way she whipped the condom off, put it over her finger,told me
To relax, then shoved it up my arse, all without me realising
What she was doing,was something I've not experienced before,
Truly amazing  :lol:
I'm gong to see her again before she leaves and I'm sure I'll find
An excuse to venture over to Bristol very soon :P

Excellent news!!
Best shag ever!!! She's awesome!

She txt me yesterday to say she was back today :yahoo:
Let's hope she's a gagging for a shagging  :D

Offline SirFrank

I've never met her but she's on my to do list. Those who have seen her is she worth it and does she offer balls deep DT?
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Online Redevil86

160 an hour ! Now we discussed prices on another thread and I said 120 was my tops and there are plenty of quality w g s at that price. But now and again if the quality is this good, going by reviews on here I think I will be treating my self, I'd only regret it. If I ever get through my h l I'll be both surprised and bankrupt !

Online Redevil86

The goddess Is back in Cardiff

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