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Author Topic: Leather outfits  (Read 509 times)

Can anyone recommend any girls with leather outfits (boots, jackets, gloves, biker leathers) in London? Most WGs I see don't even have leather boots (Hot Ameera being the exception, plus I'm seeing Maggie21 in a couple of hours and have asked for her to wear leather). I have found Charlize in MK, but that is MK!

Any others? I fucked lauren21 and Molli Desi Devadasi wearing my biker leathers and that was hot, but it would be nice to have the WG leathered up too.

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Hot, you must have sweltering mate!!!!

Lauren21 did a fantastic job of cleaning the old helmet. Mollidesi less so: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=32215.0  - now having a few more punt under my belt, I agree with the comments on my review of her and would / should drop it to neutral.

Maggie21 this afternoon was great. PVC thigh high boots with chunk heels - proper goth footwear. I'm going to save that for a review perhaps (although she already has tonnes of glowing reviews).

The hunt for sex with leather goddesses goes on...

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