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Author Topic: Any W/G's or parlours in Marbella?  (Read 2707 times)

Hi All

I am heading off to Marbella at the weekend as I managed to score a free place on a suppliers golf weekend.

Now as this is a free trip I thought I could offset the saving against visiting a parlour or an independent W/G when I am not on the course, only trouble is I can't see any adverts on AW for places in or around Marbella?

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.



Offline Steve2

There are a couple of clubs/brothels in Marbella, My Lady Palace is one and you can play spot the Russian hooker in Peurto Banus

Offline jonjo29

Plenty ads in  free give away newspaper Sur in English. You can also look it  up on online. Just Google Sur in English.

Offline Redster69

Navy bar in Puerto Banus but be very careful the port has gone very down hill and is quite a dangerous place to be.

Much better and much safer is estark 92 a short taxi ride towards fuengarola.

Thanks for the ideas and advice, it became very clear once in the resort that you don't have to look far to find a WG in Marbella! I stayed in what is supposed to be the best hotel in the resort and all of the single women in the bars were working the joint.

After a few beers down in Puerto Banus we landed in the Navy Bar and for those that have never been, the girls are charged €30 entry and then they work the room all night long, to get their entry fee back and earn their cash. They are nothing special and if anything its about as bad as punting can get a real meat market.

A word of caution, 2 or 3 of our group were mugged by the working girls on the street, they arrive mob handed and start grabbing your trousers rubbing your crotch etc and whilst they are doing this they slip your wallet out of your back pocket and then just scatter into the night.


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