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Author Topic: Anyone recognise this number?  (Read 986 times)

Offline jambogaz

Might be over reacting but have had a couple of text messages this week on my phone.

One just says Hey, the other said hi hunny xxx

I have since had 2 calls which I ignored, from the same number.

The number ends 5309.

I don't recognise it personally and none of my recent punts have it as their main contact number.  They did use my punting name though so a bit weird.

Might be someone on a wind up but seems a bit odd.  Have seen a couple of locals recently who came across as a bit wacko and needy so worrying me a bit.

I called it back from a different phone and hung up but I didn't recognise the voice, but it was female, and sounded local ie Fife.

Any ideas drop me a pm cheers

Offline Drillakilla

Put it into google, if it's on aw then it should come up under the search
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