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Author Topic: Abella Hitchin  (Read 1165 times)

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Meeting Date: 24/09/2014
Meeting Time: 14:00
Location: Hitchin
Price: £150 (including anal)
Link: http://www.abellalondon.com/home/4586268690

After finding out about this website from a topic on this website (but no information on her) I decided to take on for the team and see if she was any good. I really wanted to make this review at least Neutral, but after serious though, I have to say (for me) it was Negative.

So first of all, I wanted to originally see her on Monday evening, so I made a booking for seven-pm, however due to me being unable to make it, I had to cancel. She was fine with this and seemed to understand, even saying that I could make a booking another day. Note, the woman I spoke to was (I would guess) Spanish, going by her accent.
I had a day off today, so figured, 'I'll go today'. Rang to make another booking for two-pm. This time however, the woman who answered was English. This didn't phase me because I assumed it was just a secretary or something, but it was certainly a different woman. Communication was okay and I arrived a little early, but that was okay.

Now, on arrival, the girl who answered the door to me was another Spanish girl (I think, again going by the accent) but she was not the same one as I spoke to initially, because for a start, her English level seemed pretty poor!
She had black hair unlike the girl on the site who is clearly blonde, however it might be the same girl. The one I saw had a lower back tattoo but I can't tell from the photo if there is one there. If she isn't the same girl, they look very similar. Bare in mind though, even when I was ringing to be let it, I was still talking to the English girl.

First things first was payment. Her rates (as given to me over the phone) are £60 for half hour and £100 for an hour. Anal is £100 for half hour and £150 for an hour. I don't know why I decided to stay. I should have stayed for the half hour at best.

She gave me a blow-job, which I have to say was pretty good, she goes deep with no apparent trouble! Wet, sloppy, good use of the tongue, no complaints.

On with the condom for sex and also, a vibrating cock ring. I didn't asked for the latter and to be honest it was doing nothing for me but I went along with it at first. She rode me reverse cowgirl for maybe twenty seconds before asking if I wanted anal in doggy. I said yes because that's what I'd paid for so wasn't going to say no (at this point I had to remove the vibrating ring because it was just not for me). Banged away for five minutes, ten maybe before popping in her arse. Was tight, she took it well and didn't complain once, actually seemed to enjoy it.

Gave me a massage which was alright and then onto round two.

Another blow-job, although I was feeling a bit sensitive at this point and didn't really want to go too fast but she seems to have only one speed.
On with another condom and she rode me in cowgirl, again for about twenty seconds before missionary (this time in her pussy).

Didn't blow and was actually feeling uncomfortable so she got up, put some porn (which again I didn't ask for) on the TV mounted on the wall opposite the bed and sucked me off again. I ended up finishing myself because her rings were kind of hurting me and I was never gonna finish again with her doing it, so I wanked off over her bum.

After that it was a wipe-up-and-leave-as-fast-as-I-could scenario really.

Now some of you are probably thinking 'doesn't sound too bad, why the negative?', well, let me tell you:
1) While she was hot and actually pretty good (at least during round one) she didn't seem to speak English properly! Only girl I've met (that isn't Thai) who uses terms like 'sucky-sucky' or 'fucky-fucky'. She made no effort to engage in conversation, but smiled and kissed me a lot, so I assume she just can't hold a conversation rather than not bothering.
2) I'm 99% sure her flat is a brothel. Evidence for this, the three different people I had contact with and also, during my session, I heard the buzzer for the door go twice and the door open twice as well, so I'm guessing there were other guys in the flat. Can't prove it, but if I am right that there are three girls working there, that would have been three punts going on at once. Also there was a guy parked outside when I left who may or may not have been next, but judging by the way he stared at me, I'm guessing he was.
3) The atmosphere was just awkward. Even by the usual punter-escort standards this one felt forced and just not quite right.

Some positives though: She was hot (fake tits by the way), she didn't flinch when I wanted anal (or when we did it), she was wet (which for me is always a plus), the room was adequate for the purpose, she did offer me a shower but I declined because I live not far away and we were undisturbed despite my feeling there were several people there.

So yeah, this is my honest feeling. I almost still want to change the rating to Neutral but I'm gonna stick to my guns and the fact that I lamented the cost when I left. Also I feel like since I ended up wanking myself off to porn in the end anyway ... could have stayed at home :/
It's gonna sound dumb but I wish I'd seen the English girl that answered the phone. At least we could have had a conversation and if I was bait-and-switched (which like I say, I'm genuinely not sure) I'd rather it had been to someone I could of talk to. Also, you know sometimes you can tell someone is hot from their voice alone? Kinda got that vibe.

If anyone else has been already and can confirm or deny my suspicions, I'd love to hear about it. Like I say I am sure there are more girls working out of there. If anyone is still thinking about going after reading this, I'd suggest going for no more than half an hour. I think if I'd gone for just half an hour, I would make this review Neutral

Offline Hertsgent

If it is where I think it is then I suspect you are correct on "multiple occupancy". Several Spanish/Italian types on AW in the area - never worked out timewise for me in the end, but you text one number and a different number texts back (which is the same number for several people). On the plus side, perhaps they are all hot  :P

The one I saw had a lower back tattoo but I can't tell from the photo if there is one there. If she isn't the same girl, they look very similar. 

The videos on the site, from XVIDEOS, were clearly shot at the same time/location as the North London Photoshoot - suppose there are some benefits for the photographer!!. In one of the videos there is an obvious lower back tatoo. Must say she looked a lot more heavy in action than on the stills.

One more to be missed - do not like brothels at all!     :hi:

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