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Author Topic: Claire busty blonde - Exeter  (Read 1841 times)

Offline lewis666

Nothing on search results and has ok aw reviews but wanted to see if anyone had seen this lady and if its worth a visit.

www.adultwork.com/1895424 or www.adultwork.com/claire+busty+blonde

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Offline JasonP

I guess it may be a bit late for a reply but here goes. Claire works out of a decent flat in central Exeter with an elderly maid. The reason for the maid is that Claire quite often has punters back to back in that they will just turn up without prebooking and she needs someone to either show them where to wait or tell them to come back later. It all sounds a bit like a production line but Claire does give you full attention and you get good value. I try and prebook as I don't like hanging around. She does everything on her likes list. Doesn't seem to bother too much with AW, probably because she's so well known in Exeter that she's got enough trade anyway.
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Offline JV547845

Cheers Jason.  Is she attractive?

Offline JasonP

I would say she is. Despite arriving in Exeter over 15 years ago with her friend she still has a strong Scottish accent, not the harsh sort but quite appealing. She has put on a bit of weight over the years but I reckon you get your money's worth with her. She's also chatty and gossipy. A plus for me.
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Offline JV547845

Great, thanks.  I'll have to go down to Devon again sometime.

Offline devonben

I'd agree with the other chap she has a very nice accent, not harsh.

Good body, she was older than she had on AW profile when I saw her but her service was great.

Good comms, but when I was seeing her she was finishing off another client so there was a bit of a delay which was off putting waiting in the car outside a services!

I'd see her again for sure, but I have a thing for scottish accents.

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