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Author Topic: Is she for real? Any info or advice welcome.  (Read 1133 times)

Offline andyrou

Good afternoon

Was hoping for some information on this girl. I love the look of her BUT couldn't find any reviews on here. I bow to the knowledge and opinions of the experienced dudes on here so please let me know what you think as I'd love to have a play on her!


Many thanks.

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Online Corus Boy

I've no idea but;

Pictures look home made and untouched.
Face can be seen.
Three OK Reviews from punters who have a few varied review sources.
Languages and Nationality tie up.
No Private Gallery to make money from.

Personally I'd risk it.

Offline Stukey

I am not in her area, and she is not my type, but from my reading of profiles, she is who she says she is. Broad in the beam, maybe 12/14, but then thats a small problem, compared to bait & switch and gross fakes.

Offline leedsman

Pictures look home made and untouched.

Er, they are actually professional, by a London tog, http://www.manolo-photography.com/ in the 'retro' style (a sepia applied as a digital filter to make it look like a film shot.

I don't know why that matters though.

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