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Author Topic: Sweet19Amanda - Old Street  (Read 1352 times)

10 review(s) for Sweet19Amanda (6 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

My first review here as someone asked about her in another section, only had a handful of punts.

Amanda was plan B after Aleksandra24 didn't get back to me. I rated her neutral as I found Amanda to be pretty good but other things detracted from the whole experience. Amanda herself is pretty and has a good body. She's the girl in the photos but might have had a pound or two airbrushed off her thighs. Arranged the punt on the day and comms were good. She sent me the postcode so I looked it up on Streetview and hoped that the building that immediately popped up wasn't the one where she worked - sadly, it was.

When I arrived she was dressed as I asked. We discussed what I wanted including an extra £10 for CIM. I took a quick shower and we got down to it. Her body really is great. Tanned and pretty firm, small breasts and a nice arse. She was wearing good lingerie too. She's very cheerful and has this sort of matter-of-fact way of asking things ("you want oral with or without condom?" "you want french kiss or just normal kiss?") which I put down to language. She can speak English well but I don't think she's lived here long so it isn't really fluent yet but you can converse with her well enough. Services were pretty standard: fingered her, oral both ways, and fuck in cowgirl and doggy. She sucks nicely rather than like a pornstar, she has a nice head-bobbing action. I emptied my balls in her mouth which she took really well as I'd been saving it up for a few days. Not a drop escaped but she did spit it into a wipe and then went to rinse her mouth which I appreciated since we weren't finished and I didn't fancy tasting my own cum while kissing her. She then worked like a trooper to get me hard again which she managed but I had lost interest a bit and couldn't manage another pop.

The reason this is a neutral rather than a positive is the flat and a coordination problem. She works with another girl, I think called Jameela, who was seeing someone at the same time. I don't mind but they had scheduled us to both arrive at exactly the same time. I was 10 seconds behind Jameela's punter so saw him go in - as soon as I saw him buzzing on the building I knew he was a punter, a guy in office clothes wouldn't be going into that building for any other reason. Then we almost bumped into each other as while going for a shower. It wouldn't have hurt to schedule us 5-10 minutes apart for the sake of discretion.

And then the flat... It's in an old council block about 5 minutes from Old Street station and it's really sordid. You're paying for a GFE but it's more like a pure pro$$ie experience once you see the inside of the flat. Amanda was working from a room with nothing more than a single mattress on the floor and a settee. There were candles and it smelled nice, etc, but it still looked a bit scummy. You can get a cheap bed from Argos for maybe £60, splash out. The shower was one of those rinsers so you end up hosing yourself down which isn't easy, especially if you're trying to get massage oil off your back.

All in all, a nice girl but I wouldn't see her again unless she moved to a decent place.

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10 review(s) found for Sweet19Amanda linked to in above post (6 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline akauya

Glad you had a nice time with Amanda, but shame about her new place. When I saw her (that's when she first arrived in London) she was in a very nice flat near King's Cross. She's one of the good Polish prossies.

Oner thing though, I'm always surprised at how many punters are bothered about bumping into other punters. Personally I don't give a fuck.

Good review :hi:

Offline punk

Good review, but surely its a positive for service, just location and room crap.

Maybe just me but I'm paying for the experience too. A bunk-up in an alley with a hot girl is OK if all you want to do is unload your balls but if you want to spend an hour or so with someone then you want to be somewhere that doesn't look like a crack den with a few Ikea candles thrown around the place.

She's a decent girl and has a good attitude - she probably got RSI in her wrist and neck from getting me hard a second time. She needs to be in a semi-decent place with at least a bed and I'd probably see her again.

I forgot to mention in my review that she's obsessive about cock-cleanliness. She gave me a thorough wiping with two wipes before administering OWO even though I'd just got out of the shower and practically scolded my cock with the red-hot rinser. When she went back to OWO later on she was at it again with the wipes. It didn't bother me but I think some people might get annoyed at that. I must have left with the shiniest bell end in London.

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