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Author Topic: London WG's?  (Read 682 times)

Offline rsantana

Right...been a long time since I have been on a punt and pay day is coming up! Been browsing AW but it doesnt seem the same like it used to be.

Can I please have some incall recommendations for the follwing:

a) Mature South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi). Mature as in 40 years plus in the London area? (Dont think there are many advertised ones around).

b) Mature WG of any race but gives a good BJ....price under £100...London...body size does not matter?

Offline the lurker

First one, younger than you want but Indian Nadia in Perivale says she's 36 and I believe her, very petite. Second one, Smiley Sindy in Fulham is your girl. Can't do links from phone but you can search aw.

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