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Author Topic: Quick Advice Needed - Hally Teen Fuck  (Read 1095 times)


Anyone had the pleasure? Recently joined AW and has no feedback but comms have been very good and she appears to be very accomodating in terms of certain requests about the meet. Just not 100% sure if can be fully trustworthy due to the fake looking pics on the account.

Help guys!

Offline Barry Shipton

She might be real but her pics are fake - just tineyed them and she's a Japanese gravure photo model.
So there will no doubt be a girl there - just not that one, classic bait and switch hoping we think all Asian girls look the same!

Barry, thanks so much! actually have a outcall at mine arranged - no chance now!

She has a duo friend called Harley, again no feedback so not sure about her either.

She now has 1 positive feedback left today sayign she is perfect from a guy with 18 bits of feedback! do i think with my head or my cock

Offline Arbie

Maybe the head of your cock!?!  :D

Definite bait and switch! The profile has been erased!!

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