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Author Topic: On the fence  (Read 961 times)

Offline G-style

To see or not to see, that is the question....?

https://www.adultwork.com/2544797 or https://www.adultwork.com/sharon+luv

She's British (latina), looks fab, comprehensive likes list, fair price, phone number....
not very active (didn't log in for a week or so), no feedback, NO UKP review !!!, too good to be true??

so you see the dilema.

Offline Stiltskin

She's cheap enough and the pictures look genuine, but she's been advertising since June and she has no feedback. Best to AW message her first and see if she responds.

I was thinking of seeing her too, her arse looks incredible !

but yeah the lack of feedback is off putting, but I'd say go for it, if you get to her place and its not the girl in the picture or something you can always walk away.

« Last Edit: September 19, 2014, 06:12:11 AM by AssLover108 »

I just had an outcall with Sharon... in fact she left about 30 mins ago. I was keen on getting on quickly and letting people know my views.

The thing is, she's actually a sweet, and pretty girl. Now I know we don't take the "nationalities" on AW seriously, I don't anyway because most of them seem to be fake. She isn't a Latina nor British (well there's a loophole around this). Apparently her mom is in fact British but her dad's Hungarian and she's been living there all her life (I still don't see where the Latina thing comes in from?!). NOTE: Comms are difficult!

The pics are genuine, her ass is amazing and her face is pretty too with a sweet smile. Problem? Well when texting her she said she was happy to oblige to OWO as well as DFK.  I only came find out afterwards that these were extras at 30 quid each! I paid the extra anyway. Neither the OWO nor DFK was up to scratch. In fact, the FK was just terrible. I'm thinking this might have been to do with her just not wanting to kiss me. Also, she was on the phone at times in the session!

Sex was okay and what I do like is that she moans... I mean MOANS! I didn't finish during the sex though so she gave me a handy afterwards.

Would I see her again? Not at the 150 quid I saw her at, and especially wouldn't pay for those extras. Other girls I've met have been a lot more into everything in general.

In summary: Looks wise, one of the best girls I've seen in Reading. Actual experience I had & comms wise, one of the worst.

Offline Ben4454

Extras should not be added to the cost based on a attraction level of a punter. It would be like your hairdresser adding cost onto your haircut because they preferred working on blonde hair.

In my opinion - always walk when a girl adds new extras when you're in the room with her. No matter what your penis is saying. It is the principle here. A prossie is in the wrong business if she needs to add new extras for different clients.
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Offline riskytimes

when I phoned her I was told by my phone provider that her number was not in a normal price plan !!!! alarming as this usually indicates its on either premium rate or its being diverted for money making !!!! then I get a text saying text me darling ! yeah right.

The person on the text's English is good btw. Another one of those "independent" escorts... Independent but just prefers to work in a team, under a boss... but independent.  :cool:

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