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Author Topic: Highest and Lowest points in Punting  (Read 7663 times)

Offline RedKettle

Low Point
I had seen this WG a couple of times, nice mature woman who gave the best OWO ever - she worked on you for ages and it was great. I did not have much spare cash so struggled to punt and was delighted when I worked out how to free up a regular supply without the OH knowing and looked forward to regular sessions lying back with the WGs mouth around my cock.  Called the number, she had retired!

High point
The first time I experienced CIM and it felt fantastic.

Offline tonysoprano

Highest is probably a 3 some with 2 young Thai sexpots (who are both now sadly retired) which left me so thoroughly fucked I could barely walk afterwards!! I'm a pretty fit bloke but 2 hours with those 2 nearly killed me. Unbelievable experience though  :)

Lowest is probably some of the Romanian fuckwits that have flooded AW over the last year or 2. Can't pick one in particular but I think we all know the type I mean.
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Online Jimmyredcab

High point : Was in Blackpool when I was 19 after a night out and decided to go into a escort agency venue with my mate.

Can someone tell me what an "escort agency venue" is, that is a new one on me.   :unknown:

Online Jimmyredcab

Lowest is probably some of the Romanian fuckwits that have flooded AW over the last year or 2. Can't pick one in particular but I think we all know the type I mean.

Some of our members think they are great, it takes all types I suppose.   :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Offline smiths

Some of our members think they are great, it takes all types I suppose.   :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Who are these members that think ALL are great, the smart ones know what makes a good WG is her attitude.

Offline Stiltskin

I remember when I started making a fuss, two heavies turned up. I really can't remember how but I managed to blag my way out of it but I still had to pay over the odds (not £100s) for a stupid drink. Ahhh those were the days eh  :)

Same thing happened to me. I refused to pay and told them to call the police, but my mate pulled £20 out of his pocket and they were happy with that. The thing is, the 'heavy' on the stairs was about 9 stone and probably as young as we were at the time. We could have just pushed him aside and walked out.

Punting low: Fucking some totally disinterested moody EE skank in a hotel in Southampton. I should have walked.

Punting highs: I've had a few...

One hot summer's day, laying on a bed with a cool breeze blowing through the window whilst being deep throated for the first time by Cherry in Portsmouth. Gutted when she retired!

At a point when I was getting really bored with the mundane punting routine. Fucking Jaycee in Plymouth all over her apartment and cumming multiple times before she'd let me leave.

Going overtime with a gorgeous blonde girl, both lying naked on the bed afterwards, watching the sunset over London from her hi-rise with stunning views.

Offline smiths

Can someone tell me what an "escort agency venue" is, that is a new one on me.   :unknown:

A brothel premises supplied to the WGs by an Agency i assume.

High, probably a 3 pop hour session with Amy at the old Studio 171 in Northampton, she was trying hard to make it 4 but was just too drained - could barely walk for a week after that.

Lows, where to start... Scammed in Soho early 90s, clip joint (like many) and street as well; done for kerb crawling, and the list continues. Utter worst though would have to be Mrs C finding my punting phone. That was a lively weekend to say the least.

And yet still I continue, think there must be some kind of death wish involved.

Offline Sedlmayer

Can someone tell me what an "escort agency venue" is, that is a new one on me.   :unknown:


Offline rodSW

Highest - Mandy, French Hungarian near Tolworth moons ago who taught me new things...at her suggestion. Adventurous and mad, she pushed boundaries and I realised what sex could be. So long ago when I was young.

Lowest - with no intention whatsoever in my head to start, being succumbed by the moment while on business in Bristol. Back to my hotel...track marks. Confessed she was a user. I paid her to leave before anything happened.  I think I cried at my own stupidity, guilt and sadness it had come to that for both of us.

Offline daverfc

Highest - my first punts with sensual sarah and carlyxxxcarly.  Both were of the highest order and the only reason I don't see them more are either the distance to sarah now is too far to get away with from the wife or with carly it is purely her working hours don't really fit in with me these days.

Lowest - Being scammed in reading a couple of years ago. Genuinely feared for my life when I had handed over the cash to the receptionist told to go to the green door at the top and knock. Waited and a large black guy stood their and said "what do you want?". I said her name and he just said no mate and then followed me downstairs until I got to the door. No receptionist there anymore and I just legged it. Lesson learned.

Offline Corus Boy

High Point, lots to choose from but sweetest was with a lovely little Chinese girl who was in my bed on an Outcall.  After two rounds she turned over to cuddle me and told me that she was going to phone the shop and tell them she was not coming back that night as my apartment was nicer than her room at the shop.  The next morning she told me that she owed me some rent money and started on waking me up again :)  All for a £120 hour Outcall! :)

Low Point:  Younger English girl, pulling out two balloons of cocaine on my coffee table while we were warming up.  She told me one was for me, if I wanted!!!!! :(  I declined gracefully but I was fuming inside. She proceeded to use the lot before dragging me off to bed.  I realised afterward that I was in sort of shock and should have show her the door, but we all know which brain was doing the thinking by then.

High point..discovering  Edinburgh's legendary London Street Sauna in 2001 in the days when they used to have 20+ gorgeous slim 18-24 year old Scotties..virtually all magnificent.
Well worth the 220 mile return journey fron Newcastle every fortnight or so.

Low point...the Romanian invasion of  the same place so much so that it may as well be called Bucharest Street Sauna nowadays.
But above all the tragic death of the "Queen of London Street" Lisa through cancer in 2005.

Offline rikgrimsby

high point.... having an awesome blowjob that lasted for 20mins. it was amazing.

low point..... going for a punt with a girl a i used a few times. gave her £60. she went off came back and said i gave her £40 and i was £20 short. i know i gave her £60. so from now on i always count the money in front of the girl so we both know where we stand. lesson learnt. its ironic tho as both high/low points where with the same girl. high point being the first obviously 

Offline fenderswoop

High point was the first time I had anal sex. Was with a gorgeous girl called Kate. Anal wasn't on her likes list on AW but towards the end of the booking she asked me if I fancied trying it. Was a bit surprised as every other girl I'd seen who actually said they did "A Levels" had told me I was too big. It was amazingly tight and I had one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

Low point was the one time that I should have walked when I didn't. Place was a tip and the girl although the one in the pictures had put on a bit of weight. Worst punt I've ever had when actually going through with it stupidly still handed over the cash for an hour and was out the door in about 20 minutes.

Offline Flunt

Punting highlights I would say were Ella at Soft Touch in Northampton or Beautiful Bea in Leicester.

Punting lows are more common. My worst and most expensive gets a special mention as she has returned to flogging the mutton, Autumn Temptation. So many good reports so I paid £160 for a nuru session in Birmingham, after a good win at cards. While we sat in the bath she gave me a lecture on how to gamble and wouldn't allow me to offer an alternative opinion. When we got on the bed she kept telling me how wonderful and expert she was before squashing me against the mattress for the least erotic experience ever. Surprised that I hadn't risen to the occasion she tried to put a condom on my completely limp dick, when I suggested OWO she huffed and yanked the condom off and threw it in the corner. After a brief attempt at oral she said I must have a medical problem.

Another with a great reputation Escort Angelina (perhaps now known as Angela Carr). I got caught in traffic on the way to see her and by way of an apology gave her an extra £10 when I handed over the cash (it was in my early days)! Getting down to business I went to kiss her and she had the look of horror on her face, like the ones from the films just before the girl is murdered in some gruesome Freddy way, needless to say the punt went downhill from there. I effectively paid £150 to stroke her tits while she fucked herself with a dildo!

Penelope Cream, I'm ashamed to say I fucked the granny.... Why didn't I walk?  :scare:

Offline Diehard

Highest would be my street punting days in the eighties, the thrill of the hunt can never be reproduced.

Lowest would be the present, totally disillusioned with the lowlife scum currently available on Adultwork, I struggle to punt once a month.    :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

Jimmy, oh jimmy! I was but a school boy in the 80's but I love everything about that decade, the music, the tv series, watched bullseye the other night on challenge tv. Quality, can't beat a bit of bully!

I am of the firm belief life was better back in the day than now in this computer soulless era.

It fascinates me what you say about punting back then. I shall never get the thrill you had, impossible in this big brother state.

I assume you had no Eastern European women to worry about. So, what were the girls like? Were they crackheads as they are nowadays on the streets, or were there lots of girls in good jobs moonlighting for the money and excitement and students?

Have to admit, reading your post I felt a bit jealous. Aw is fucking shite, but all we really have now.

Offline Diehard

In my experience only a tiny percentage were obvious junkies -------------- bear in mind that many so called "escorts" like a bit of charlie.    :hi:

I'd say pretty much all do as it one thing I ask them about. It same shit always, they like a bit of Charlie at weekends, summer time is all about Ibiza parties........

Offline El Jefe

Highest: Viva at House Of Divine,  best WG I've ever been with. Shagged the life out of me.

Lowest: My first ever punt which was with an Indian agency girl for £150., 10-15 years older than the pictures, bad breath, refused OWO yet wanted me to lick her stinky pussy.

Offline Clooney

With the advent of forums like this thankfully my low points are now quite distant. Usually as a result of me being younger and naive. I did a couple of mingers when I should have walked. Touch wood!

My high points were generally my party years between 2004-2007 or so, but specifically my first Maxes Angels party. Held in an upmarket townhouse in Victoria/Pimlico, it was so utterly decadent and depraved I felt sorry for all these mugs going home to shit sex with their wives.

The amazing Russian sex goddess RoXXy was there and couldn't wait to get started. All the punters were sitting in the lounge with towels on and she was fondling and sucking everything in sight. Before long there were 6-8 blokes sitting around with their cocks pointing at the sky. I went over and started fingering her whilst she was sucking another bloke off, then the lady who seemed to be in charge announced that we had to move to the bedrooms.

During the evening I fucked a cute little Aussie, and played with a Czech pornstar whos name escapes me, but we shared a shower and I ended up shooting all over her face, tits and mouth before spending the last 45 minutes having a searing, sweaty, intense and prolonged anal fuck with RoXXy.

Another highlight was popping a sweet little mixed race 18 year old girl's anal cherry.

Then my Linda Yasu experience back in the day. A Thai super-slut who's tongue went right up my arse as deep as any tongue has ever gone, before I banged her arse balls deep.

Finally, the occasion when a regular girl couldn't see me, but referred me instead to her friend. A very part time escort and with whom I ended up with for three, filthy, sex filled years. Because I'm kinky and get off on my girls getting fucked by other guys, we had great fun when we were together.

Offline Diehard

High points. Adultwork in mid noughties full of slim young enthusiastic English girls

Low points. Being baited and switched and not demanding money back, having Sergei and Winston try to rob me, and adultwork since 2010, a minefield of fat English girls and Eastern European skanks and scammers.

Offline rockstar

High point - lots but being fucked almost to death by Megan of Ashford (long gone now :( )is high up on the list.

Low Point - visiting a girl from the Sport classifieds who sounded nice but on meeting her she had obvious needle marks on both arms - I walked !

Offline GeeWiz

High = Amsterdam, especially in the early nineties.

Low - Keisha Kane.

Offline Vivago

Uncountable highlights but one recent one that springs to mind was having a sweet, young Filipina part-timer ask me to take her arse cherry. :yahoo:

Lots of lows too such as withdrawing after ass pounding the above to find lumps of shit clinging to the condom.  Poor dear hadn't known to wash out her colon before anal. Yuck. :scare:

Offline SirFrank

Several highs but some stand outs are being deepthroated ballsdeep (only met 3 people able to do this so far all paid) and a two girl BJ - inparis welsh escort licking my ear and talking dirty to me while mrs jasmin jones swallowed all my sour plum sauce.

Lows - where to start? That stand out has to be the munter in Bristol who was much bigger than her profile pics and had a cunt like a fleshy chainsaw wound. I've never forgiven myself for not walking. The only punt I actually wanked myself off and subsequently spent a lifetime in the shower trying to wash away the memories of her beefy twat
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