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Author Topic: Busty Vanessa  (Read 669 times)

Offline j122

New profile, £70ph including bum fun https://www.adultwork.com/2649984
On tablet so can't do RIS. What do you think?  :hi:

Offline CoolTiger

Nothing comes up on RIS or the displayed mobile number.

PG was only 50p, so I subscribed to it, just for you J122  :cool:

No RIS hits came up.
« Last Edit: September 17, 2014, 10:38:51 PM by CoolTiger »

Offline Jackjones

Did a RSI just for you!


Not my type but if its the real one might be worth looking on the South east borad for info on her!

Offline Jackjones

Did you use google and tiny eye?

Offline j122

Cheers fellas, the closer I've looked at them the more I've changed my mind!

Offline Jackjones

so she is 31 on AW 33 on Vivastreet and between 26-30 on AZ  :angelgirl:

The AW and Vivastreet accounts have the same sign-up date to.

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