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Author Topic: Lea Leah - Outcall £90  (Read 585 times)

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Offline ash_g

https://www.adultwork.com/2546330 or https://www.adultwork.com/lea%2Dleah

Saw Lea for a 1 hour outcall for £90.

Comms were ok, agreed a 1pm meet a week beforehand but she texted on the day to say she could only come at 3pm. In the end we agreed 2pm. She’s not always online so rarely replies quickly and doesn’t display her contact details.

I picked her up from the station and was a little disappointed with her facial looks. I think this was partly down to the fact that I had met Adele4u a few days earlier and she is a goddess. Lea was casually dressed and the first thing I noticed was the smell of cigarettes, I’m not a smoker so this was already off-putting but I thought I would take the punt nonetheless as she had come from South London.

As soon as we arrived back at my place, while parking up she asked if I had any soft drinks? WTF? I was a little pissed off at this point thinking to myself she can see that I’m a gentleman, well dressed, smelt good and spoke “proper” English, why the fuck would I not have any drinks at my home? Anyway I politely replied that I did and ushered her in.

Money out of the way (I gave her £100 as I didn’t have change and thought she made the effort to come all the way up here so why not, think of it as giving to charity)

Lea speaks a lot, a hell of a lot and made a weird clicking noise which soon passed, I think she may have had hiccups! I was thinking to myself, I hope she doesn’t do this while deep throating me!

Up to the bedroom and more talking and she kept getting phone calls and text messages. Time was soon running out and we were soon in our underwear and in bed. She does have a fantastic body, a size 8 I would say with small breasts but a nice shaved pussy and lovely small round bum. Her skin is incredible. Olive tanned and very smooth. She has a few small discreet tattoos and a belly button ring and soft brown hair shoulder length. She looks Greek but insisted she was half Spanish and half Tunisian but had lived in the UK all her life. She talking like an “East Ender” and had soft lips. We started off with kissing, which was great (apart from the smokers breadth in the background) but she never really got into it, she was very plank like and non-provocative, she made no effort to get into it and when quizzed on this she simply said she was a little distracted with the phone calls and was always shy. You could tell she hadn’t had much sex in her life. 

I knew I had very little time so steered her towards my dick but she wanted to put on a condom though her profile stated OWO. I couldn’t be bothered at this stage and just let her get on with it.

She had a smell of not showering and this was really off-putting. Her pussy was dripping wet from foreplay but I didn’t go down on her as I am a bit of a clean freak.

With less than 15 mins to go (she said she had to leave on time as she had to meet friends or some shit like that) I put her on the edge of the bed and we did some doggy, then into mish and finished off with her lying flat on her front with her bum slightly elevated (lovely bum may I add) while I fingered her clit and came from behind, she enjoyed it as there was a lot of pussy juice on the sheets, she came and we were both knackered, it was like interval training. Once we finished I just wanted to get her out so I could shower (again) and order a pizza.

Not the best of punts but if you’re after a British girl, young (24) with lovely body features for £90 outcall I would give her a punt and only for that reason I would give her a neutral feedback.

Not too much detail in this report but that’s only because I wasn’t so excited by her and the reminisce of adele4u still lingered.

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