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Author Topic: Kylie For You  (Read 2816 times)

12 review(s) for Sexy petite Kylie  (10 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2054332  or https://www.adultwork.com/kylie+for+you+x

Cost - £100 for 45 minutes.

So first off Kylie is a really nice girl, and therein lies the problem - she's too nice! If you are looking for GFE she's your girl, if it's PSE I don't think she'll rock your boat. It was more like having an affair or shagging someone from the office rather than shagging a WG but it was still an enjoyable 45 or more minutes.

Comms - Really good, answered emails / texts fairly quickly gave great directions and even told me her room number before I got to the hotel which saved the embarrassing "ring me when you get there" phone call from outside. She visits different cities about 3 days a week and visits Cardiff maybe twice a month.

Location - Major chain hotel in City Centre - I don't usually like hotel meets due to the room restrictions, but I think Kylie must have paid a bit more to get a better room. I think I was first in!

The Girl - Kylie is quite petite and has a great body, other reviews have mentioned her "mummy tummy" I didn't see any of that, she has a great pair of tits and a very lickable bum - actually most parts of her are lickable and she's happy to have them licked. I'd also say she's a pretty girl and was also dressed very sexily. She also said she only sees about 4 guys a day which may or may not be true but she did say she was leaving at 5 as she had children to get back to so it could be true.

The Deed - ok so we started out with a massage - more due to the fact that I'd rushed and needed to get my breath back, some have insinuated that it's to pad the time out, but frankly I ended up arriving early and leaving late so I don't think it's that. We then moved on to Oral [ with option of covered or OWO ], followed by a long session of 69 - her pussy is sweet and responsive.
There was plenty of kissing and nibbling - although DFK was out as she said he mouth was still sore from dental work the previous day [ excuse? I don't think so but you never know ].

After that some Mish, Doggy, Spoons finally finishing with Kylie on top grinding me to orgasm.

Had a 5 minute break then and then she tried to get me going for round 2, unfortunately that didn't happen - not for want of trying on her part! We had a bit of a chat I had a very quick shower and that was that - I wasn't rushed out and ended up staying over the time anyway.

All in all it was a really good punt, and I'm glad I did it - would I go back? Probably not unless I could do a two hour stint and take full advantage of Kylie and all she has to offer.

Body - 9
Personality - 9
Overall Experience 8.5


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12 review(s) found for Sexy petite Kylie  linked to in above post (10 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Great review.
So let's get this right, she sucked your cock and gagged on your gonads but she wouldn't DFK as her mouth was sore from dental work?
Surely bouncing your bell end off her gums would hurt far more than tickling tongues? :unknown:

yes, and to be honest I think my mouth was cleaner than my cock - although it was quite clean afterwards!

Also just realised that if you have "WhatsApp" on your phone she has a face shot as her profile pic.  :P

No phone number on her AW page though?

She. Puts her number on the site early on the mornings she's working then takes it of at the end of her working day. Go see her, you won't be disappointed :yahoo:

Offline Kylie for you x

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Here's my face boys ... Thank u all for your comments,, good or bad, I take it all on board .. U can only learn from it ,, I have 189 positive feedbacks as I do love all what I do,, some negative is good tho as you can't please everyone. Hope u av all had a good weekend and are all shagging lots, keeps you boys destressed ,,, take care xxx
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Offline HughJardon

Good positive attitude to have Kylie, ive seen you before in Newport, and will also keep an eye out for you on your return to Wales for a proper welsh rogering.

Feel free to PM me some saucy pics, to rekindle my memory  :cool:

Offline dzbou

No doubt, Kylie is good. Had great time with her. Worth every penny. But I prefer firm boobs.

Offline Kylie for you x

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Each to there own dzbou... I av real boobs not fake and wud never have fake,,,, I know many ladies who do and they all regret it,,, hope ur well x
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Offline HughJardon

Well Kylies membership to UKP lasted 2 days, shame really as I was looking forward to some spread eagle shots of her, ah well still got my memories stored away in El wank Bank

Offline j122

Doh! missed the face pic, been wondering what she looked like for ages.

Online pork sword

Doh! missed the face pic, been wondering what she looked like for ages.

She is really nice looking IMHO, I found her to be a top girl and as genuine as they come,  :)

She has been on my HL for a few months, but she only works week days and always finishes early.

Offline HughJardon

She has been on my HL for a few months, but she only works week days and always finishes early.

Shes a hard one to knuckle down, shes up and down the country as much as the Moscow State Circus. If in the area I recommend a good knob polishing with Kylie, and her attitude is top notch in fairness

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