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Author Topic: Chessie Kay - booked tonight want advice  (Read 1421 times)

Offline james-oh

Hey guys,

As the title says I've got a booking to see Chessie tonight. I'm a bit nervous / dubious about it as she is £250 per hour. I'd like to know if anyone at all has seen her. And if she's worth it? She's one of my favourite UK pornstars so I would love to see her but the price is slightly holding me back.

Any replies as soon as would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks James

Offline The happy one

A link

Not in the mood to do your work for you
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Offline Captain Caveman

Just type 'Chessie Kay' into the search box at the top right

It is not rocket science   :dash:
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Booked through AW?

Her page is showing availability for later this month. Tempted.

shes  a very sexy girl but i wouldnt pay that sort of cash,however if your booked in for tonight you have to do it!

Offline lovenostrings

Not my bag I'm afraid. Would rather fuck a shop mannequin. Slightly less plastic  :lol:
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