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Author Topic: Horny Lucy Escort  (Read 1079 times)

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Offline psychosis


Visited Lucy a couple of weeks ago. Good communications via text to set up half hour 9pm appointment at what I think was Lucy's home in a quiet area of Washington. Felt comfortable parking car nearby which is always a plus.

Lucy is a facially good looking girl but is a bit on the larger side - not BBW level but certainly a size 14ish figure and her boobs were a bit floppy to be frank.

Sorted out paperwork to be met with a very enjoyable dfk session and Lucy asked me to strip off which I did. More snogging and Lucy worked her way down my body and then proceeded to give me probably the best blowjob of my life. Started off licking and sucking my balls and then my shaft before proceeding to take me completely in her mouth balls deep.  Varied and sloppy oral pleasure continued for a good 10 minutes including a brief face fucking.  I'm big on oral often spending a whole session on it and this was nigh on perfect.

Didn't want to explode too soon so asked Lucy to lay down and gave her slightly stubbly pussy a good licking and fingering which she seemed to enjoy - not the hottest reverse oral session ever but still good. Tried to fuck her from behind but condom issues (my dick sometimes refuses to play ball when a condom is produced) and the fact that most of Lucy's size 14 figure is around her backside (making it not the best view of her) meant that this didn't really take off.

Still, bonus was Lucy finished me off with her mouth skills - more deep throat and some vigorous ball sucking whilst I wanked off resulted in me shooting over her boobs after which she sucked me clean.

So overall a recommendation. I can't commend the oral enough, and if that's your thing I find it hard to believe you'll get better than Lucy (tori from cotton and silk measured up but she's gone now). As I said at the start Lucy's a bonny lass but she is carrying a bit of weight which may put some off.

8 review(s) found for LUCY MAY XXX linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks that was a good review.

I'm partial to curvy girls and she sounds great, but I wish she'd get some better photos done where we can get a decent look at her.

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