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Author Topic: When it's not suitable to create a new review thread  (Read 574 times)

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There are no fixed rules on when a review can and cannot be posted.

Money does NOT need to change hands before a review can be posted.

But somethings go into the Regional sections and not the Review sections.

Some examples of when it's a review and not:
- You come across a profile that is using Jennifer Lopez as pics = NOT A REVIEW
- You book and meet a prossie in person and but walk-out due to her being way different from pics or similar reason = REVIEW
- Prossie takes your booking but then does a no show or doesn't respond further = REVIEW
- You call or message a prossie but she doesn't pick up phone or she doesn't reply at all to any contact attempt (no booking yet made) = NOT A REVIEW
- A prossie sounds odd on the phone when you call to book = NOT A REVIEW
- You go into a parlour and none of the prossies working interest you or similar reason = NOT A REVIEW
- Same as above but when you enter the room with a prossie she demands more money or any other thing that makes you feel getting conned / timewasted = REVIEW

If it doesn't belong in the Review section then it goes in the Regional section.

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