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Author Topic: adultwork feedback please add yours  (Read 523 times)

Offline ParisB

 i was sent this by a client who told me this was his interpretation of adultwork feeback  got any to add to it

“Great oral”= Says please and thank you.

“Fantastic manual skills” = Got money out of his wallet without
being asked”

“Attractive” = Both hair and teeth are his own and attached as nature
originally intended.

“A gentleman” = First “hello” not accompanied by frantic attempt
at “tonsil tennis” and clumsy groping in the underwear department.

“Sophisticated” = There are no spelling mistakes on his tattoos.

“Intelligent” = Knows what apostrophe is and how to use one.

"Considerate" = Fingernails clean and short

“Handsome” = Not grotesque enough to give you nightmares and
bearable in soft lighting.

“Lovely” = Knows what soap is and how to use it.

“Charming” = Did not text or call between 10pm and 8am.

"Punctual" = Suffers from premature ejaculation.

Offline Kitty

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"Great stamina" = Pounds away for hours, and left me waddling the next day.

Offline Strawberry

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"Would see again" = don't go pinching him!  :dance:

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