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Offline Kyuss

Received the following e-mail. I've never looked at her profile, she's not in my area, no intention of seeing her or uploading my photo.

Anyone else received similar e-mail?

A request for your Profile Picture to be uploaded has been made by
Edelle19 via Client Connections.

Use the link below to review such requests and to check your current
Profile Health:

Client Connections settings can be accessed via the link below:


The Team

Offline JV547845

Have you got any info on your profile at all, or do you punt in a remote area where there aren't other punters?  Some WGs do ask to see a face pic.  Ones that don't see punters of a particular race or part timers who like to be attracted to their customer but who've forgotten who's paying who mainly.

Offline Happylad

Yes, I`ve received about half a dozen over the last 4 years, all from females a long way away from my area.  I was relatively polite to the first one, but I`ve simply blocked all the others.

Offline johnny34

I've recieved 2 in the last two months. 1 was local, 1 was the other end of the country. I hadn't looked at either profile before.  I just deleted them & blocked them.