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    Author Topic: Helena's Adventure (Outcall)  (Read 3996 times)

    16 review(s) for Helena's adventure (15 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

    @£130/hr and if no OWO is she still worth of a visit? :(

    Offline shagbambi

    Only you know how important OWO is for you and what "value" you attach to it.

    Offline intana

    @£130/hr and if no OWO is she still worth of a visit? :(

    for 130 per houri I would expect cim as well

    with kendra lover and letite sandra for that price you can cim twice with anal as well and it would still be less than 130 quids.

    hot ameera provides rimming, good snog and cim for 120 quids young and hot. blardy problem is booking her is a nightmare

    adele is pornstar that offers a good snog, facial and cim  for 130 quids and in central london. and a hottie too

    for the price i think they are better options near central london such as adele :)

    but if she goes 100 quids that would be vfm for me ;)

    facially speaking imho she would be less attractive than kendra lover or adele.maybe slightly better looking than DEE.
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    @ LuvellyJublly, I was typing on my phone bloody auto correct, what I meant to say was she makes the evening SUIT YOUR character.

    She has cancelled on me three times twice with enough notice but the last time and final time she cancelled with no notice basically at the arranged time, luckily I had a back up. I've only seen her on outcalls.

    Autocorrect on phones can be funny. Thanks for explaining  :hi: I hate when girls cancel on me too and like you I have a 2 strike rule.

    Offline realist

    just wanted to jump in on something Jamesblue mentioned about her lips. I TOTALLY agree. I even mentioned it to her (although she may not recollect) - she has the softest lips I have ever kissed. Just one word to describe those luscious red lips - amazing!

    I have seen Helena a few times (incalls at her immaculate studio flat) and she is amazing. ... I cant believe no one else has mentioned this along with her other very shaggable attributes....  I cant recommend her highly enough.

    Er Jamesblue ... well, you yourself haven't written a review, if you think that she's for real.  Are you for real?

    Offline jamesblue

    Eeer yes Im genuine, just someone who only comes on UKP v occasionally. Dismiss my comment if you wish and if you dont find it helpful. However it would be a hell of a long game I'm playing if having joined UKP 8 months ago, I waited till now to put in a lame little review of Helena.  :rolleyes:

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