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Author Topic: Paris Lamour - Of Divas - top notch  (Read 2061 times)

8 review(s) for Miss Paris Lamour (6 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I have stayed away from Paris Lamour because she is a tall blonde and I didn't think that was my type.

I was so wrong...

Decided to meet with her for thirty minutes because I am familiar with Divas and if it was neutral or negative it's £70 gone, not exactly a fortune.

Wow she is nice, tactile, sexy and performs fantastic oral.

Started with some standing up snogging Stroking each other's bits and bobs
Onto the bed for great oral then Doggy with me standing.

I wish I could have stopped during doggy to ask Paris to turn around so I could see her face during the vinegar strokes, but I couldn't stop the "groove", it was too good.

Good looking and is very sexy by nature



8 review(s) found for Miss Paris Lamour linked to in above post (6 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Talbear

I've always been really tempted by her, but have been put off by reports of her English being poor....

Not an issue whilst you're shagging her granted, but the post shag chat is even more awkward if she can barely spread English, usually prompting me to beat a hasty retreat!!!

On my 'to do priority list'
NEVER read anything negative about her, she sounds perfect, however, if she had some bush, I'd be there now!
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I have been venturing in all directions lately had some pretty good times but this one never fails to deliver...today again a +1, just excellent  :hi:

I have emailed Paris twice, and her replies are always nice.
She should be in porn with her body and 'talents'

I think someone else handles her calls and emails on her behalf.

yes, considering her 'limited' English, you're probably right.
However, all the reviews state she is a very nice lady, I get the impression IF she did answer her own emails, they'd reflect on how nice she is.

Offline Pace10

I met with Paris Lamour for an hour last Sunday.

I can confirm someone else does handle her calls as the person on the other side of the line spoke great English while Paris' is pretty poor. I was there for an hour, had two pops and it was ok, but her poor English would have been a problem if I was to stay longer (usually I go with 2 hour meets) as the conversation turns so one dimensional and not very interesting.

That said, apart from her poor English I thought she was amazing. Great DFK, and lots of it, great OWO and takes directions regarding hand/no hand, very good in cowgirl and a nice bum in doggy. She also makes the right noises, especially in doggy. Really good attitude and worked at it hard for me to finish a second time. She's not for people who wants to have a longer conversation with the WGs they meet or for people who want petite girls with teenage bodies. She's in no way fat, but pretty tall and does not have a very slim frame. What you see in the pictures are basically what you get.

Pace10, you are a lucky man to have sampled Paris's delights!

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