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As mentioned previously, use Google maps and street view to find suitable parking nearby. I wouldn't feel comfortable telling a WG my car registration in person so won't be parking where they (or a nosey neighbour) can easily see my car.


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Your punting bike I hope  :D
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Bikes are pretty much disposable - one of the great things about them IMO.

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I can't think of any prossies who have made a point of telling me exactly where to park but if one did I would be naturally suspicious. It's not just the prossie and pimp, it's the curtain twitching neighbours that bother me. Too often it's hard enough getting the address beforehand let alone a dedicated parking spot though.

I prefer to check out parking before setting off, Google maps usually does the trick.

What's more there have been a few prossies who clearly have no idea of parking restrictions. Some have said to use the designated space for their flat but I've found out on arrival that they require permits, not something that the average working flat has a plentiful stock of. At one there was a private clamping firm going around the car park as I left and had a parked there I would have been buggered. On the flip side there was one working flat that did give the visitors permit to punters, 10/10 to them but a rarity.

Hotels with barriers are a great one too, the thought of getting stuck when the prossie doesn't know the exit code doesn't appeal too much.

None of this is paranoia IMO, just common sense if getting a parking ticket you have to explain away bothers you.

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What does a rapist/robber look like.  ???????

Nothing to do with rapist or robber. more to see if youve got 5 bellies and 10 chins  :D

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I never say i drive anyways. always say im taking the train or catching a cab. Do your own parking research. Google maps is the best.