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Author Topic: English Kate - London E14  (Read 2508 times)

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Saw EnglishKatie last week in a large hotel in CW Docklands E14 -

https://www.adultwork.com/1576168 or https://www.adultwork.com/englishkatie

Called on the day and arranged a session for lunch time - Her price was £120 but offered a £10 discount for AW booking so paid £110 for the hour - unfortunately i was running late so in hindsight should have done 30 mins but never mind - was given the room number and went up to the room. Knocked and entered and paid over the cash
She is slightly different in real life than the pictures on AW - She is IMO perhaps late 20's and is not as tones as her pics but she has smooth and clear skin with a very slight tummy - not over the top but not as tones as the pic

Had a quick wash and onto the bed - kissing was in light kissing on the lips with a tongue flickered in between, so not great but not the worse kisser, her face is attractive in a Essex type I would say 7/10, her tits and arse are nice and she has a good attitude.
Lots of BJ with lots of tongue action and some hand in between,  likes to make slight moans in between doggy and mish and enjoyed when I came all over her tits.

Good points were decent OWO BJ and attitude , allowed a finger in between her giving me a BJ so positive
Not great was the kissing

The £10 discount was also a nice touch - More Positive than a Neutral


3 review(s) found for englishkatie linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Jimmyredcab

Price is now £150 an hour, too expensive with those lousy photos.     :thumbsdown:


Price is now £150 an hour, too expensive with those lousy photos.     :thumbsdown:

I think she changes her prices depending on where she works - when she was in the large hotel in E14 she told me she got an excellent deal with the room - so she was charging £120 - £10 booking discount so at £110 it was decent - would have been better for 30 mins at £70 as I had to leave after 45 mins to get to a meeting as I arrived late.

At £150 or £140 IMO over priced - More better options at that price so do agree with you JRC that her fees in Chelsea central London on too pricey

Offline herbie007

Glad you had a good time PW

I saw her a couple of years ago, if I remember rightly I paid £120 for the hour, she also did good OWO back then and had a good attitude, but like your meeting held back with the DFK.

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