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Author Topic: could this one be a rare real Japanese ?  (Read 3437 times)

Offline tf552


I always have a soft spot for Japanses women, and never found a real one in many attempts in London. Most time I encountered blatant B n' S, some mid-age ugly thai or Chinese claimed to be Japanses. The only time I think the provider was an actual Jap, I turned and ran at the door, for the girl(Bn'S) has a terrible appearance and limited English. Even Jap lover like me would not stand that.

Now this AW profile seems quite interesting. Aside from its odd page layout, she apprantly made effort and sound geniune. Her photo seems real to me. Some PS work but miles better than those fake stolen photoes. How do yu guys think of her, anyone has joy yet? every detail much appreciated. Thanks

She's Korean not Japanese

Offline ZZHJT

She is nasty looking. id not pay 50 pounds let alone 150 for the hour. You cant say im not into jap girls coz i am. My favorite punts. between 2010 - 2012 all my punts were mainly oriental women. Iv spent a lot of time ( well not that much ) in China and japan for work reasons and iv fallen in love with their tight pussies.

It is not hard to find jap girls in London though most are Chinese or Korean pretending. Off adult work its very limited options. go to oriental agencies. high end ones and youll find top class jap babes.

If i can remember correctly there are several places in Paddington and bayswater. high class establishments that sock jap babes.

excuse my ignorance. I live in Glasgow and not familiar with oriental agencies in london. can you be kind to post somme links pz ?

Offline Quatro

https://www.adultwork.com/2512521 is real, though outcalls only.

Girl next door, rather than the westernised glamour type. Was my good fortune to be her first ever client a few months back. Delicious real GFE.

I like the look of this one very much. Reminds me a bit of the porn star Megumi Shino, with tight flat stomach and tiny tits.

Only problem is she only does out calls.

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