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Author Topic: Chantelle Adore Escorts  (Read 1508 times)

Offline ollie52


Had a free morning and fancied a young busty blonde really was wanting to book Zoe from ENE tried calling several times over the space of two hours with no answer despite them having a full calender up. No one from Diamonds fitted the bill that morning so took the plunge with Adore.

Comms were good told the girl on the phone what I wanted young fit busty blonde available immediately - she recommended Chantelle.

Location student flats just off Melbourne Street Newcastle - A bit too open for me ideally as you are outside on view until you are actually in the flat. Clean enough once you are in, curtains which are an upgrade on Diamonds.

Looks/appearance - Chantelle was wearing a figure hugging black dress - she is blonde short very sexy. Once she took her dress off to reveal red bra and knicker set. Her boobs are fake, I only noticed when I saw the scars, they were nice and soft not concrete blocks you sometimes get.

Services/Attitude - Attitude was great very friendly easy to talk to. Services Oral was covered (no surprise as I had read that all the Adore girls only do covered Oral), Kissing was superb started very sensual then we were pretty much eating each others faces off. Reverse oral was excellent she was extremely fresh, fully shaved. Sex in any position you want can cum on her body or arse no facial or CIM.

I enjoyed my session with Chantelle despite the lack of services preferred her to girls who offer more but at £70 for half hour is a bit steep (can get 4 Diamonds punts for every 3 with adore). Hour punts at £110 aren't too bad but I would only book longer than half hour if I have had a good experience with the girl or she has positive feedback on here so probably not going to happen any time soon.

Offline johnny34

Thanks for the review Ollie.

At £70 for 30mins & covered oral its not for me.

Thanks Ollie , the girls they offer are very tempting indeed but all the bad press put me right off TBH.
Not sure now.

I thought Adore was run by the chest sitter.

Am I wrong?

Offline AnthG

I thought Adore was run by the chest sitter.

Am I wrong?
No you are not wrong.

The problem I have found with Adore (trying to forget the chest sitter issue) is their website layout is terrible, you never know who is going to be working and when - there is no calender whatsoever that I can see, and you never know where they are working if they are down as working one day.

Newcastle is pretty big city so if someone is down as working that day its kind of good to know pretty much where abouts generally they are based (i.e they could be in South Shields, the Quayside, to the opposite end at Cramlington).

These are pretty basic things to have on the website and by them not having them there you think 'dodgy' or at least I do.

Offline Highlander

I agree with everything Anth said. The lack of a calender in particular is ridiculous...

I thought Adore was run by the chest sitter.

Am I wrong?

Sorry if I seem thick, but I'm wondering who is the chest sitter. Could somebody enlighten me please?

Sorry if I seem thick, but I'm wondering who is the chest sitter. Could somebody enlighten me please?

A year or so ago a new agency started up in Newcastle run by people from Nottingham. A punter saw one of their girls and she wouldn't let him lick her pussy. He complained and the pimp turned up, sat on top of him, threatened to hit him with the bedside lamp, and threatened to call the police and say he had raped the girl.

Once this story went public the agency had to close down and rebrand, eventually splitting into 2 agencies after the owners apparently had a falling out: Adore and Elite.

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