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Author Topic: rios in london during daytime? any point?  (Read 4209 times)

Offline hung45678

hi there all,
in my search for all things erotic and different, i was thinking of visiting Rios naturist spa in london. 
id would be visiting as of opening time and then staying for a couple of hours but my question is this, is there any point in going at that time? have any of you been there yourselves near that time of day? are there many other people around?
on the whole, is rios worth it all to go and visit?


I went once on an evening (I think a Friday) that I assumed would be busy. It was grubby, grim and very cock-heavy.

I left after about an hour. Save your money and go to Kestral's instead.

Offline eldritch

Jenna Cummings offers escorted visits to Rio's:   https://www.adultwork.com/1068975 or https://www.adultwork.com/JennaCummings

Check out her FAQ

I've not met her or visited Rio's, just thought I'd pass this on.

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Offline LL

I left after about an hour. Save your money and go to Kestral's instead.
Got a link for Kestral's?

Offline Steve2



It has become expensive for single guys at £50 to use pool Jacuzzis etc with only a small "chance" of any action

Offline LL

It has become expensive for single guys at £50 to use pool Jacuzzis etc with only a small "chance" of any action
bubbles?  :D

Visited Rio's in Kentish Town yesterday and thought I would post what I thought about it.

After reading reviews online I was in 2 minds whether to try but thought for £21 it's not too much to lose if it's crap and I can tick it off my list.

Arrives about 4pm on a Monday afternoon, walked in and paid at the counter, girl quite pretty and friendly and wearing a nice tight top with good tits, good start. She gave me towel and asked if I had £1 coin for the locker etc. then she opens the door to go through.

First it's the locker room which is basically just lockers! Got changes wrc and went for a wander. You walk through the TV room and then see the bar, bar maid is a middle aged English blonde with a good pair of tits, not the friendliest tbh and not a hint of a smile the whole day though.

Then do the circuit and walk about, using the jacuzzi's, steam rooms etc.

Not many women tbh and the ones that were there were either old black women or a couple of girls with guys, mostly blacks. There were one or two women who were def there with guys but were also flaunting the attention by walking around etc and checking out some of the guys, I'm a good people watcher! When a decent looking guy got out the jacuzzi for example they would have a quick glance at his tackle, maybe some swinging would go on at some point or they were just curious.

It seems most guys are just doing the circuit and walking by the private rooms to see if any action was taking place, which there wasn't really although from time to time some of the doors became locked.

Overall it's a bit of a sausage fest, in 4hrs there I seen 50-60 men and about 10 women, I would had one'll with maybe 2 and tbh none of them were anything special.

Wanted a massage and thought at £22 for 30mins it's cheap but wasn't expecting much extras for that price so enquired at reception but was told that there were no masseuses today. I had seen the girl when I first arrived, she was out the back having a fag, I knew because she was dressed and I recognised her from a photo I had seen online, typical Russian looking, good body, big tits but 0 personality and smile - typical Eastern European culture. I had enquired about the massage at 6pm and she had finished by then and there was no-one doing the late shift, seems they are short staffed both at the bar and on massages I heard from some of the punters and that staff turnover is very high.

Would I go back? Yea I would. But don't expect any "fun" unless maybe it's couples night. Also be prepared for a sausage fest, I seen about 10 pairs of tits but about 60 cocks

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