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Author Topic: Naught Nelly and/or DELUXE SELLENA  (Read 2691 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2488470 or https://www.adultwork.com/DELUXE+SELLENA
https://www.adultwork.com/2546699 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty+Nelly+Pussy

My primary reason to choose these girls was a-levels around 100 pounds and also location nearby gloucestershire. Now I'm very close to naughty nelly, whereas sellena is about an hours drive. However Sellena is a lot more affordable. Anyone have any advice?


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I went to see Sellena the a few days ago when she was in Worcester.

She is smoking hot, so hot in fact I felt nervous being around her.

Really tight skin and massive tits.


NO KISSING AND NO PUSSY LICKING ???????!!!!???????!!??????!!!????????

These are the things I need to do to get hard, I wasn't a happy bunny.

Plus, after sex with a condom on for a few moments, I asked her to blow me, but was told the condom would have to stay on now.

Anyway, its up to you.

Offline aanimator

Thanks man, did you do a-levels with her?

You joking right?

I paid for an hour, I was there maybe 20 mins tops.

I got the impression she wanted me gone fast.

On top of that, she tried to get the condom on when I was only half hard, which didn't help the mood, and I basically had to force my self to finish during her frankly insanely fast and rough handjob. Also, once I was dressed she practically shooed me out of the door.

Now dont get me wrong, she is really hot with nice firm skin, and she did occasionally smile, but it had made me weary of EE girls for a while. She was only my second after my amazing first one.

It was 9:30pm though, and I think she wanted to finish.

After she told me which floor she was on, I hadn't even gotten out of the lift when I got another text asking if I was coming or not, as she couldn't wait long.

So my advice, is to see her earlier in the day.

Bear in mind her profile says kissing and pussy licking, but she said no to both, so I imagine a-level will be off the table as well.

Hope this helps.

Offline bod666

I tried to see her one morning when she was in Worcester. She wasn't available til the afternoon and she tried to squeeze me in 30 mins before her next booking. Sounds like she definitely does back to back bookings. I didn't bother as i don't like feeling rushed (& i don't want to pay for 30mins and get 20).

Generally most of the ee wgs i've seen have been neutral punts at best.

I went to see Sellena when in birmingham. Nightmare directions on the phone when it was pouring with rain. Eventually found her place. she looked good but hardly uttered a word when i arrived (soaked). Then showed me into the appartment, which had bedrooms but there was a single bed pushed in the corner of the kitchen. I asked if we could use a bedroom with a double bed, answer was no. Boiling hot and she had hardly made eye contact so despite her looking very hot i decided to leave. Her english isnt great and she tried to apologise on AW, I suggested she made a few changes, like how to direct people and having a better bed arrangement, would be interested to know if she has bothered!

1st post, yay me!!!

I saw Sellena back in August.  Very, very pretty girl with sexy body, lovely big tits and a soft high pitched sexy voice.  Like a Romanian Monroe. As is now my habit, talked about the service before handing over the cash (£90 for an hr).  FK no, A yes and OWO yes.  Cool, I thought.  CIM no.  Awww

She then proceeded to be very chatty and pleasant (timewasting tactic me thinks).  After about 5 minutes of this I suggested we should get started, so she then performed just enough reluctant OWO to get me hard.  Every now and then she would stop to wipe the pre-cum off my knob then carry on sucking it (yes it was clean, showered 20 min earlier).  Not a bad technique, but could've done with more of it.

Anyway once on to the fucking things improved.  She  was in cowgirl with me sucking on those lovely melons when she asked if I wanted anal now.  Well it was why I was there after all so I said yes.  I spent the next half hour trying not to cum while fucking her frankly gorgeous arse in various positions.  I would describe her attitude throughout as compliant and pleasant but disconnected.  I asked if I could come on her tits and was told no.  Finally pulled out, swapped condoms and fucked her pussy hard in mish till I came.

One thing that irked me throughout was that whenever we broke to change position etc. she would grab a tissue and wipe my sweat off of her.  Made me feel she was either disgusted by me, or disgusted with the whole situation.

Despite all these niggles, all in all an enjoyable punt.  She's a very pretty and pleasant girl that happily takes anal.  Just a shame that I seemed to be the only one enjoying myself.
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Offline nwbrfc

Reading her profile, some of the comments on her FAQs sound familiar to another girl I saw who was also rubbish (Vanessa Hot Hot). Was this place next to a park and in amongst a number of blocks of flats?

No it was the monument rd "derelict" for want of a better description.  If you've been there you'll know what I mean.

Offline Borat

Think the group has moved back to Caroline st. They were in parry fields for a short while before going to monument.

My experience with this girl was that I had to walk because of first impressions (had me waiting etc) nice body but I was put off by something else too which I can't remember.

Oh I remember now. She had kid/s
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Really??  I have to confess I didn't notice.  But I tell you if my missus had a body like that after kids, I'd punt at home.   :)

Offline Borat

Btw, who else is in her group?

The one with the beautiful tattoos and looks stunningly beautiful with model like poses. Another who is probably just turned 19.
You can tell I can't be arsed putting up the links right.
I'll try when I get a moment or two.

I think I know who you mean. Blonde with tats, currently Deluxe Nadine. Quite fancy her but she seems to have pretty crap reviews.  Mind you, I'd love to explore her stench trench with the old bowel trowel .  Anyone been up there?

Who's the 19 yo you mentioned, can't seem to find her.

Btw, is anyone else having trouble pasting on android.
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