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Author Topic: Heidi - Diamonds of Newcastle  (Read 773 times)

Offline Karl123456

Hi lads Im thinkin of seeing heidi what's she like? Eg books ass

Offline Karl123456

Offline Bengeo13

Karl, I think you posted that you are new to this, and welcome and all that, and most forum members will help you but there's a lot you can do yourself.
To find out more about a girl, Heidi in your case (and a fine choice too), just register as a member of UK Punting, then go to the Search function and enter Heidi and then Diamonds hit enter and lo and behold there's about half a dozen posts about her!
Here's the first in the sequence and pretty accurate as it happens
You can research as much as you like, and to do so is highly recommended but the final choice lies with you! Good on yer!

Offline Karl123456

Done it. I like kissing tho hmmm wot t do. Or shud that be who to do

Offline Bengeo13

You'll probably find out that there's always something that not quite 100% right for you, or any of us.
That's why the search for the perfect punt goes on............................................you'll never find it
But along the way, every once in a while you think you've experienced it, but then it's vanished again

Offline sentinel

Google Adult Work and search for an escort based on your postcode.

Pick one that suits your budget and tastes, then get on the phone to make a booking.

Everyone has different views and an escort that is great for one person might be shite for somebody else.

Pays your money and takes your chance, but be prepared to be ripped off somewhere along the line, that's the nature of the business.

Banning reason: Fluffy dick

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