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Author Topic: High Class Chinese Massage - Clapham Junction  (Read 1587 times)

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As stated in my response to this review of the same place (and same review title ;))

My own experience of "High Class Chinese Massage" in Battersea was a negative one.
Firstly, I wasn't expecting to meet any of the girls used in the advertisement for the place - that's not the reason why I'll give a negative.  Secondly this wasn't the place I was intending to visit.  There's another one in the same area called "Enya Thai" which is only £50 for 30 minutes and it also had a good review in this section - so that was my first choice, however they weren't answering the phone.  So a quick search on my phone revealed this alternative instead.  I called them up and was told it would be £70 for 30 minutes.  More than I wanted to pay for this kind of arrangement where I wouldn't know what to expect but by this point I was in full-on punt-mode so was prepared to risk it.

Just like the brand new member who reviewed this place earlier tonight, I also had trouble finding the entrance - around the back of a designer kitchen shop.  A Chinese guy let me in to the flat and ushered me into a room with a young, quite attractive Chinese girl in it.  I can't remember her name.  I tried to be friendly like I always am on a punt to relax both me and the girl but she didn't speak a lot of English.  She was in her mid-twenties. Quite fit body, but with a slight tummy.  The reason it was a shit punt was because she seemed totally disinterested and maintained zero eye-contact.  I leaned in to kiss her on her lips (which were tightly pursed as you might expect, judging from the scene set so far) but a slight whiff of her breath put me off trying again.  We got straight down to business.  First the BJ then sex.  It felt emotionless and just crap - I knew I would be feeling like shit afterwards.  I fucked her in missionary for a bit and made myself cum after a few minutes as I just wanted to get it over with - yes one of those punts.  She gave me a massage at the end rather than booting me out and it was quite good so I can't fault her for that part.  But absolutely not worth £70.  I left the flat and the same Chinese guy let me out - that felt a bit weird. What if it was his girlfriend that I just fucked?  "See you again", he says.  I don't expect so.  :hi:

Offline LL

Incidentally, here's the review for Enya Thai - the £50-for-30-minute place which was my first choice.

Perhaps this Chinese muphet was watching you from cctv how you're fucking his girlfriend  :D Thanks for the review :hi:

I had a similar experience at this place about 3 years ago although it was a woman not guy that let me in. Also noticed several cctv screens in a room which was unsettling as it made wonder if there were cameras in the massage rooms.

Just wondering if this place is any better now. I'm looking to find a convenient Asian parlour so might have to revisit, anyone been here recently?

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