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Author Topic: Real Women Escorts  (Read 1169 times)

Offline Jacob

http://groups.adultwork.com/Real+Women+Escorts or http://groups.adultwork.com/8201

I am posting as I've been looking at this group which is rapidly adding Prossies as I noticed the following feedback on one of the profiles.*

Only    flexibletoe (64)    20/08/2011 11:46    Seeking Services
     Abusive and threatening person I have reported with evidence to AW. Suggest guys you stay clear of this agency....

It all looks rather dodgy to me and I'd rather post something than nothing as it may save someone some grief. Put it here for now for other comment though may be worthwhile moving to Negative Reviews. As far as the flexibletoe goes I have seen the name leaving negative FB for a few profiles that I have reported as Fakes.

* https://www.adultwork.com/1318095 or https://www.adultwork.com/69samy69

Anyone else had any experience?

Offline KSG

One of the listings on that group profile is familiar, as it is for "Danish Britta" : http://danishbritta.co.uk

Offline Jacob

One of the listings on that group profile is familiar, as it is for "Danish Britta" : http://danishbritta.co.uk

Yes, her pictures come up in tineye. I was initially thinking genuine but like some dodgy groups adding in a few fakes for good measure generating some credits and extra interest for the bait & switch scenario. Nothing unusual in that, but flexibletoe's warning adds another dimension which I thought was worth highlighting and maybe adding to, if correct.


i had an email from the guy who runs this through my website email. He claims he is a woman called melissa until I politely explained I have been using AW for 2 years and had no interest in working for someone else to take part of my earnings as well as all the money I make from galleries and vids. What he is doing is signing up girls who are new to the industry and making them profiles which they have little or no control over.  He basically stated in his email send him some pictures for private gallery if I had them or not too worry if I didnt as he would sort pics out for me and he will do all the rest for 30% of all  earnings as he claims he puts in hours of time for advertising (again believable for those who know nothing of AW),  this also means the girls have no idea if he is using their pics or someone elses to promote them.

I put a blog on AW a while ago about him and his group as after telling him I was not interested and why I received some very threatening and abusive emails.
He is a young guy who is either 21 or 24 I cant remember which who really comes across as a nasty bit of work and is completely full of bullshit and to be honest if I was a punter I would avoid the whole group. Hopefully the real girls on there will cotton on and become indy instead.

I apologise for waffling on but this guy really frightened me (not easy to do) with what was put in his emails to me and I hope every other woman will avoid him

Offline Jacob

I had sort of forgotten about this lot, did find a few pictures elsewhere and the profiles were being added at quite a rate at one point. Now all bar one remain which would seem to be the guy, his 9 inch cock and GF.

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