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Author Topic: Leicester / Nottingham / VIP Call Girls  (Read 1765 times)

Offline BoroLad

Will be working in Leicester on and off for a while so am looking for a decent punt. I prefer busty, curvy and ebony - don't have to be complete stunners but it helps.  I just after the vanilla girlfriend shag nowt out of the ordinary. I've seen Ava from Midland Belles (little cracker) and I tend to be risk averse to independents and I don't mind paying a bit over the odds to stay safe (although anything down here looks a tad expensive to a lad from the North East!). Any recommendations for Leicester or Nottingham (what are VIP Call Girls like - the pictures look too good to be true - Bonnie?)

Offline Jackjones


Lots of comments about VIP in there pal from people who have been, as well as comments from VIP to the forum

Offline BoroLad

Cheers. Decent read! Seems that VIP are trying to provide a good service. Good to see them posting n here. I'll just take a plunge with them at some point. Laura at Midland Belles seems a nice manager too - had me in stitches the other day but that's another story. Think I may like working down here after all.

Offline Boston

For VIP you should register on the website - you just need to give an email address.  This gives you access to the private galleries which have genuine face pics for many of the girls (it's not hard to tell which is which).  I always base my decision on the PG pic only.

Also quite a few VIP girls don't offer DFK which is the main reason I use Feline escorts in Nottingham more than VIP.

Looking at your preferences Claire at VIP is a perfect curvy and busty girl so you'd get 2 out of 3.  Haven't seen Bonnie.

Offline scbond

The best piece of advice you will ever get...avoid VIP like the plague!

Offline Bloodymary

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Avoid vip
I applied and they set a day for me to work avoided me for days and then blocked me
Tested to see if rumour was true of how bad they are and unreliable it is

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