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Author Topic: Amy - Diamonds of Newcastle  (Read 960 times)

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Offline Stevens88

I've been meaning to start putting some reviews up on here as this forum has been great for helping me get into punting so i thought i'd start giving something back by contributing.

I saw Amy today on a recommendation of the agency after my first choice was unavailable. I was a bit unsure when I saw the website link due to the lack of pics:


I shouldn't have worried too much, Amy is fit.

I've been a bit underwhelmed by my previous punts with my usual agency on the looks of the girls. All decent punts and I know everyone has their own preferences but if i'm paying for it I'd expect the WG to be facially attractive.

Having tried Diamonds once before in the summer and suffering an awful EE girl I tried them again on a recommendation.

Communication was first class- i was 15 mins late for the appointment due to parking at the opposite end of the Quayside. The bloke on the phone at Diamonds was understanding and helpful.

Got to the premises and the lift was out of order and i had to trapse up numerous stairs to get to the appartment so I turned up flustered, knackered and sweating as well as 15 mins late.

Amy answered the door half dressed as she understandably thought i wasn't coming.

She is a southern girl and has a great 'posh totty' accent. She is petite and has a great figure with nice tits.

She is one of the most pleasant and polite girls i've ever met - i know that's what you're there for but she's a delight to talk to and put me totally at ease.

Seeing my knackered face she suggested a massage to start which was expertly delivered. I took her underwear off and we started with some light kissing and fondling before she gave me a brilliant sloppy BJ - which made me cum within minutes. Eye contact maintained throughout.

We chatted for a bit before she rode me and i managed to cum again...decent for a 30 min appointment.

i'll be seeing Amy again as she's young, attractive and is a pleasant young lady.


Offline Toshiba

Thanks for the review

Mixed reviews about this girl, not sure about the 10/10 but it was youre punt and you enjoyed it so fair do's

Offline sentinel

So if you arrived 15 minutes late did you still get 30 minutes of her time or was it curtailed to just 15.

Diamonds usually have punters booked in one after another like a production line so if you still got the full half hour then you were lucky.

No surprise that the lift was out of order either, usually it's the intercom that's gone the journey.
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Offline Stevens88

Still got half hour mate as she had no one in after though a morning appointment so maybe that had something to do with it.

I haven't seen other reviews of her and maybe full marks a bit OTT but after my recent experiences it was a breath of fresh air.

About my 8th punt so perhaps i'm not the best judge

Offline sentinel

Well once you find one that really ticks the boxes for you then stick with her for as long she is on the scene.

I'm speaking from personal experience on that score and I've been seeing the same escort for nearly four years, it works trust me.
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